Keir Starmer to vow Labour will ‘never again’ enter an election without a serious plan

SIR Keir Starmer will tomorrow try to consign Jeremy Corbyn to the dustbin of history as he vows to finally make Labour get real about winning elections.

Tearing up the party’s barmy 2019 manifesto in front of activists, Sir Keir will promise “never again” to go into an election without a serious plan.

Sir Keir Starmer will tomorrow try to consign Jeremy Corbyn to the dustbin of history as he vows to finally make Labour get real about winning elections

He will seek to make himself the heir to Blair by lavishing praise on previous Labour governments.

While he will stuff the speech with flagship consumer policies in a bid to woo back the Red Wall.

A Labour source said: “Keir’s speech will be noticeably different from what you’ve heard from Labour in recent years.

“It will be more optimistic, more focused on the future, more outward looking.

“The speech will be a demonstration of the way the Labour Party has changed.

“It will be a clear indication that Labour will never again go into an election with a manifesto that isn’t a serious plan for government.”

Sir Keir Starmer’s first in-person conference speech risked being plunged into chaos after days of bitter in-fighting ended in leftie hardliner Andy McDonald quitting his frontbench.


But talking tough in a BBC interview last night, Sir Keir said “winning” elections is more important than party unity.

He said: “I didn’t come into politics to vote over and over again in Parliament and lose and then tweet about it.

“I came into politics to go into government to change millions of lives for the better.”

Billed as his most personal speech yet, Sir Keir will talk about his own humble beginnings and try to prove to voters he is not boring.

Labour insiders said the party boss is braced for some hard-left activists to heckle – but he will shrug it off.

In an address partly penned while he was on holiday in Dorset, he will say the government is “lost in the woods” and Labour must stick the boot in.


He will say: “Too often in the history of this party our dream of the good society falls foul of the belief that we will not run a strong economy.

“But you don’t get one without the other. And under my leadership we are committed to both.

“I can promise you that under my leadership Labour will be back in business.

“The questions we face in Britain today, are big ones. How we emerge from the biggest pandemic in a century.

“How we make our living in a competitive world. The climate crisis. Our relationship with Europe. The future of our union.

“These are big issues. But our politics is so small. So our politics needs to grow to meet the scale of the challenge.”

Labour frontecher Lisa Nandy last night admitted voters like Boris Johnson’s “relentless positivity” and that Labour have looked “pretty miserable” over that last decade.


NINE-month-old Elena Atkinson tries to lead the applause for politician mum Catherine at the Labour Party Conference.

The former Parliamentary candidate held Elena as she told the Brighton audience that her hubby fought in Afghanistan.

She called for more help for refugees.

Senior Labour MP quits shadow cabinet and launches furious attack on Keir Starmer for ‘breaking promises’

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