How To Check With Your Doctor You’re Taking The Right Meds

It isn’t uncommon for people to be on daily medication but how useful are the meds we’re taking? Around 110 million prescription items given out every year in the UK “need not have been issued”, according to new estimates. Put a different way, that means 10% of the medication we take is “pointless”.

That’s according to a major new government review into the overprescribing of medicines. This is when patients are given medicines they either do not need or want and that, in some rare instances, may harm them, such as the potentially addictive prescription medicines that a 2019 Public Health England report identified a quarter of adults in England are taking. The new review found oversubscribing is a serious problem in health systems around the world.

The NHS has made efforts in halting the overprescribing meds in England but it’s still a problem that remains at “unacceptable levels”, the report has found, with government ministers urging family GPs to call millions of patients in for medication reviews to see whether there are any pills they can stop taking.

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