Zara McDermott ‘hurt’ after boyfriend Sam Thompson’s ‘horrible’ hoover prank

Sam Thompson is renowned for having a laugh, and usually at his girlfriend Zara McDermott’s expense. So we’ll have to hope that she saw the funny side of his latest prank.

Posting a clip on Instagram to his 3.5 million followers, the Made In Chelsea star captioned a short video “It really does hurt how much I love you.”

In the video, Sam walks into his living room, carrying a vacuum cleaner. His partner Zara, 24, is dozing on the sofa. He switches on a vacuum cleaner and places the nozzle directly onto Zara’s mouth.

He probably expects her to think he’s giving her a big snog. Zara sits upright as the vacuum sucks her face, and the film goes from colour to black and white, until Sam pulls the nozzle away and starts laughing.

Sam sneaks up on a drowsy Zara

The 28-year-old selected the classic Edith Piaf song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (which means No I Do Not Regret Anything) as his soundtrack, but perhaps this practical joke wasn’t as funny as others he played on her.

Because once the nozzle was removed, Zara exclaimed, ‘Ow, that was horrible. Why did you hurt me?’

He's about to apply the vacuum cleaner to her lips
He’s about to apply the vacuum cleaner to her lips

Zara McDermott 'hurt' after boyfriend Sam Thompson's ‘horrible’ hoover prank
WARNING TAKEN FROM INSTAGRAM CAPTION: Zara McDermott tearful over boyfriend Sam Thompson’s ‘painful’ prank with vacuum cleaner LINK TO PAGE:

By now, a smiling Sam was stroking her leg, trying to make amends by saying, “I love you so much it hurts!”

Luckily, it sounds like all is forgiven as Zara was happy enough to leave a message on Sam’s page, writing: “Genuinely was half asleep when you came in and I thought … just ignore him, he’ll go away. Little did I know you were about to vacuum my lips”

Sam strokes Zara's leg to make it up to her
Sam strokes Zara’s leg to make it up to her

The couple met when Zara, who joined Love Island in 2016, but she didn’t find true romance in the villa, messaged Sam, having seen him on Made In Chelsea with his elder sister Louise. After a few bumpy moments in their relationship, the couple confirmed they were together late last year.

Sam’s Instagram page is where he regularly posts silly short clips and even has the slogan “It’s all a bit of fun” next to a camera icon.

Zara and Sam live together
Zara and Sam now live together

Recently, he shared a film of himself next to a giant cardboard cutout of his best friend Pete Wicks. In the video, Sam pours out two glasses of wine, but doesn’t offer one to Zara, preferring to give it to the cutout instead. He walks into the room and kisses the cutout instead of Zara and is also seen rolling over in bed with Zara to snuggle up to the cardboard figure.

Pete, best known for their appearance on The Only Way Is Essex, makes a lot of content for social media with Sam and their bromance was obvious when they lived together on Celebrity The Circle on C4 earlier this year.

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