US plane carrying Kabul stowaways grounded with ‘human remains’ in landing gear

A picture has emerged purporting to show the US military plane 1109 on the ground in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, after video showed stowaways were filmed clinging to its landing gear in Kabul

American C-17 plane 1109 having landed at the Tashkent airport in Uzbekistan

A US military plane that left Kabul with desperate stowaways was later forced to make an emergency landing in Uzbekistan after human remains were found in its landing gear, it is claimed.

A picture has emerged purporting to show plane 1109 on the ground in Tashkent after diverting from its planned route.

Earlier footage from Kabul shows stowaways hanging on as the C17 military transport aircraft prepared to take off.

Crowds also surrounded the plane on the tarmac in images symbolising the terror of many Afghans over the Taliban takeover of their country following the exodus of US and other Western troops.

An especially distressing video clip shows an Afghan man apparently trapped or strapped to the landing gear of another US plane on a mercy mission to fly people out of Kabul.

Stowaways climbed onto the 1109 plane’s landing gear during the chaos at the airport in Kabul



And on Monday there were horrific videos of several people falling from a US transport plane as it left Kabul.

The latest pictures evidently shows the US plane after landing in Tashkent, the Uzbekistan capital, a distance of around 470 miles.

The pilots could not close the landing gear, and later human remains were found in a wheel, it is reported.

People wait outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul



Without naming Tashkent, the Washington Post cited a US official saying that stowaways falling from the sky “absolutely happened”.

The report added: “It is believed that they were Afghans who climbed aboard the landing gear and attempted to stow away as the plane took off.

“People familiar with the situation said the pilots declared an emergency when they could not put their landing gear up.

Taliban fighters on the back of a vehicle in Kabul, with group co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar declaring victory and an end to the decades-long war in Afghanistan



“The crew diverted and landed in a nearby third country, and some human remains were found in the wheel well when it was inspected.”

The flying time from Kabul to Tashkent is just over an hour.

Russian central Asian expert Igor Dimitriev posted the image of the plane in Tashkent which he was sent by a follower.

US plane carrying Kabul stowaways grounded with 'human remains' in landing gear
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“My subscriber says that the American plane tail number 1109 is at Tashkent airport,” he wrote.

“This is the same plane on the outer side of which the Afghan men tried to leave Kabul.”

Politico also reported that the plane was rendered “temporarily inoperable’ after the hasty takeoff from Kabul.

RT Russia said: “Human remains were found inside the landing gear of the US military transport aircraft returning from Kabul.”

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