Travis Barker ‘haunted’ by near fatal plane crash he labels a ‘wake-up call’

Travis Barker has bravely opened up about being sole remaining survivor of the 2008 plane crash he has labelled as his “wake-up call”.

The 45 year old Blink-182 star candidly admits he had PTSD and survivor’s guilt following the crash in South Carolina which killed four of the six people on board.

Only Travis and his pal Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein survived after the plane’s tires blew during takeoff.

Adam died a year later following an accidental drug overdose.

And now the drummer has opened up about the pain he suffered and the nightmares that followed in the aftermath of the crash.

Speaking to Men’s Health, Travis admitted that he had to go to therapy sessions for months after the incident.

He said: “I was dark… I couldn’t walk down the street. If I saw a plane [in the sky], I was determined it was going to crash, and I just didn’t want to see it.”

Travis Barker was involved in a plane crash in South Carolina in 2008 which killed four people

He explained the suffering he felt as he tried to grab his friends from the plane, but revealed the pain and trauma he suffered began to heal over time.

He admitted that the events “haunted me for a long time” but said that now he can sometimes go days without thinking about it.

The star revealed that when Adam was alive the pair used each other as their therapists.

But he admitted that when Adam passed away he had to find his own ways to deal with the tragedy.

One big life change he made following the crash was to stop taking drugs.

Travis Barker drugs
Travis admits the crash led to him giving up drugs

One big life change he made following the crash was to stop taking drugs.

“People are always like, ‘Did you go to rehab?'” he recalled. “And I [say], ‘No, I was in a plane crash.’ That was my rehab. Lose three of your friends and almost die?

“That was my wake-up call. If I wasn’t in a crash, I would have probably never quit.”

The musician is still yet to step foot back on a plane since that fateful day.

Travis Barker Blink 182
Travis Barker wants to fly on a plane again first the first time since the crash in 2008

He travels by cars, buses and ships instead to avoid taking to the skies.

However, he admits that one day he will conquer his fear of flying so he can return home to tell his kids about his conquest.

Travis said: “If I do it, and the angels above help me in my travels and keep me safe, I would like to come back and [tell my children], ‘Hey, I just flew here, and then I flew home. And everything was fine.’ I have to tell them, because I almost left them,” Travis said. “That’s a perfect day.”

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