Top 5 biggest euro casinos in 2021

Top 5 biggest euro casinos in 2021
Top 5 biggest euro casinos in 2021

European countries occupy one of the leading places in the world in terms of GDP, not inferior to the United States and China. The economic development of the region as a whole determines the development of the gambling market. Over the past few years, euro casinos have consistently brought in a quarter of the global gambling business income (€75.9bn in 2020). Unfortunately, some gambling establishments are going through hard times – for example, the largest European casino on Lake Como in Italy, which recently ceased its activity.

In general, the growth potential of the gambling market in European countries remains high. The market can grow faster in the near future, subject to further improvement of regulation and the formation of such tax systems, which will make the gambling sector attractive both for business and for players. This success is largely due to the five largest operating eu casinos, which will be discussed below.


Unfortunately, current conditions can still prevent you from traveling and visiting European casinos. Therefore, we can only give some advice to those who cannot travel. Players can have fun even from the comfort of their own home or without letting go of their phone. All gambling entertainment is available online. You can easily play poker, roulette, blackjack or players can choose video slots free to play. The most important thing to remember is to choose only those online casinos that have a good reputation.

5. Barriere Enghien les Bains in France

Tripadvisor score – 3.0

Official website –

tel: +33 (0)9 74 75 13 13

The Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains welcomes guests in a modern and comfortable atmosphere with stunning lake views. Entertainment includes the gambling tables of the adjacent casino with 350 slot machines, a Renaissance theater and a luxurious spa pool.

The nearby hotel is ideal for business or leisure travel. It is just 20 minutes from Paris. Contemporary décor by Jacques Garcia in the 141 rooms and suites creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Café du Lac is ideal for quickly satisfying your hunger. The interior of the cafe is decorated in black and cream colors, with plush sofas, bar stools and cozy alcoves. Delicious burgers and salads will complement your pleasant sensations from this place. Music evenings are held here every Thursday. And in the summer season, the cafe expands to a spacious terrace.

4. Empire Casino in the UK

Tripadvisor score – 3.0

Official website –

tel: +44 020 3432 9248

Empire Casino is well worth a visit if you are spending your weekend in the English capital. Here, in an area of ​​five thousand square meters, in a historic building of the Victorian era, you will find over a hundred slot machines, a dozen roulette tables and areas for playing BlackJack and poker. The restaurant open here is included in the list of the best in the English capital, so connoisseurs of delicious cuisine will definitely be satisfied with a visit to the biggest casino in London.

3. Resorts World Birmingham in the UK

Tripadvisor score – 3.5

Official website –

tel: +44 0121 273 1230

Resorts World Birmingham is a major shopping and entertainment complex in the city of Birmingham, which includes a casino: players are invited to try their luck at roulette, slots and card tables. The gambling house operates non-stop. And in addition to the casino in Resorts Birmingham, you can visit any of 18 restaurants, fifty shops, and settle in one of the 170 rooms of a five-star hotel. The complex was opened in 2015, and nowadays they want to expand it.

2. Estoril Casino in Portugal

Tripadvisor score – 4.0

Official website –

tel: +351 214 667 700

To round out the list of the five best casinos on the continent, the Estoril casino in Lisbon, which recently celebrated its centenary.

The construction of this casino began in 1916. It was a wartime, then Europe was recovering for a decade after the world massacre, and construction went on slowly. The casino was opened only in 1927 and became the largest gambling establishment in Europe, which it is to this day.

During the Second World War, neutral Portugal became a haven for many emigrants from the belligerent countries. Estoril was chosen by the runaway elite, deprived of power at home, they constituted the main clientele of the casino, and became a good advertisement for it. After the war, the Atlantic resorts were flooded with the secret services of the opposing sides, who were resting here from their secret affairs. Among them was Her Majesty’s Secret Service agent Ian Fleming, who drew from communication with former allies and opponents a lot of plots for his spy novels, the first of which was “Casino Royale”.

The inside of the building looks fantastic. Mirrored floors, ceilings and walls create a unique feeling of flying in space. In addition to the gambling halls, the casino also has a cinema, a concert hall, and art exhibitions.

This establishment is able to attract players with the most famous poker room, where you can play no-limit hold’em and other types of poker. The disadvantage of this establishment for many clients will be limited opening hours from 3 days to 3 nights and from 4 days to 4 am on Friday and Saturday. You can take a break from the bustle of gambling in 10 restaurants and numerous bars in the casino building.

1. Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco

Tripadvisor score – 4.0

Official website –

tel: +377 98 06 20 00

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monte Carlo is one of the famous gambling houses. The building itself, which now houses the gambling club, was designed in 1878 by the eminent architect Charles Garnier, the author of the famous Opera Garnier in Paris. The similarities between these two structures can be seen with the naked eye. Creating his unique style, Charles mixed several styles, thanks to which the modern casino De Monte-Carlo in gambling Monaco has such a not original appearance. Aristocratic notes can be traced there literally in every detail. This is why tourists love this club so much.

In front of the entrance to the Monte Carlo casino, guests are greeted by a luxurious garden with real palm trees and a fountain. The alleys of the park are well-lit; on the sides of the paths there are beautiful lawns and flowering flower beds. The façade of the building is illuminated with bright lighting, which makes the unrivaled architecture of Casino De Monte-Carlo most visible. Stucco moldings, large windows and cozy balconies are what guests see in front of the gaming club. The aristocratic palace style of gambling has only a few analogues in Europe. All this makes Monte Carlo the most famous casino in Monaco

And although the history of De Monte-Carlo casino is deeply rooted in history, the internal gaming equipment meets all modern international quality standards. There are many halls under the roof of the gambling house, which house tables for poker, roulette, blackjack and other games. Slot machines occupy separate rooms. This is done so that the noise of the machines does not interfere with the measured game of poker at the casino De Monte-Carlo. In addition to the game rooms, the house houses a large concert hall, in which the famous Fyodor Chaliapin once performed.

Casino Monte Carlo in gambling capital of Europe has a paid entrance and a serious dress code. A formal suit for men and an evening dress for women are a must for the club. The entrance to the building is strictly from the age of 18. The cost of an excursion visit is 10 euros; a pass to the gaming halls will cost guests 20 euros.


You may have noticed that our list is not just ordered. We decided to reorder the list according to the Tripadvisor score. Traveler reviews and ratings are the best indicator of the quality of a casino’s service.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in all euro casinos have become a stable segment of the economy. This is explained by the optimal level of regulation of this segment in all markets, as well as by the presence of a stable circle of consumers playing in casinos. Gambling houses earn additional opportunities on their own high reputation due to the fact that, in most cases, a significant portion of the prize fund is deducted in favor of state budgets. And only then the proceeds from casino activities are often indicatively channeled to charity or to expensive infrastructure projects.

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