Tips On Creating A Comprehensive LMS Marketing Plan

With big names like Adobe Captiva, TalentLMS, and Paylocity leading the software market, it can often get a little challenging for the newly launched systems to find a valuable sweet spot. There are indeed so many learning management systems in today’s age that customers are spoilt for choice. It is, thus, crucial for new companies to use new tactics to outperform their competitors and make their way to the top. 

Establishing an effective and well-thought LMS marketing plan is one such route that companies can consider. 

A comprehensive marketing plan is a lot more than just about bringing sales. While it might be the ultimate goal, marketing is about building brand awareness, showcasing yourself as an authoritative figure, and allowing the target audience to learn about the value that your product will add to their lives.  

When you have these elements in order, your efforts, time, and money spent will lead to bringing you an improved ROI. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re creating a marketing plan for your learning management system. 

  • Know your unique selling point

Before you go ahead with marketing your product, you need to determine how different you are from others in the market. You must understand there are already plenty of LMS vendors that are offering software that’s easy to use or learner-focused. 

You need to go beyond that and avoid a generic approach at all costs. 

Treat your business like every other out there. Start by understanding your unique selling proposition. Learn about its benefits that will help your target audience to achieve the goals. 

  • Establish marketing goals 

It is crucial to establish your goals in the initial stages of your marketing plan to find the right direction. If you don’t know what would you want to achieve with your marketing, you won’t have any idea about the effectiveness of your strategy and tactics. 

When you’re planning, determine what you want to achieve and set your expectations with regards to the ROI. Use SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) process to establish KPIs. 

These could include the number of leads, conversion rate, unique website visitors etc. 

  • Conduct user research beforehand

Like every other project, marketing strategies also require a little homework to be done. By conducting user research, you will be able to determine the tone and voice of your marketing campaigns. This will also give you more in-depth knowledge about your target audience.  

User research helps you become aware of your market. You can then tap the pain points of your audience and show them exactly what they’ve been looking for. Your sales pitch looks more authentic and relatable when you know your target’s background. 

  • Establish yourself as a leader 

Keep in mind that LMS is not something for impulsive buyers. It takes a lot of research and considerations from the client to make the final decision of making a purchase. 

You need to make sure that when your clients are researching about you, you are defined as an established subject matter expert. You need to brand yourself as a leader that your users can trust and rely upon. 

You don’t need any expensive tools for this. All you need to do is be consistent with your online marketing efforts. 

  • Work on your different marketing strategies 

There are plenty of proven digital marketing techniques that you can adopt. Three strategies that you should definitely take out a budget for include a social media strategy, content strategy, and email marketing strategy. 

When you combine the efforts on all these different marketing strategies, you will achieve exactly what you’ve been in search of – brand awareness, authority, and sales. 

Don’t just stick to one type if you wish to derive desired results. 


Having a comprehensive marketing strategy in place will help you reach your target audience and also, outrank your competitors. Just keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when planning your marketing efforts and you’re good to go. 

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