Things to Do Before Submitting Your Mobile App to App Stores

Things to Do Before Submitting Your Mobile App to App Stores
Things to Do Before Submitting Your Mobile App to App Stores

If there’s anything that can help you grow your business and boost your brand awareness in a short space of time today, it’s building your own mobile app. And you know it very well. You’ve been working so hard for all those months, and now you can finally revel in your moment of glory. Your app is finally ready to go live! Your next urge may be to publish your app on your favorite platform or, if it’s been designed as cross-platform, submit it to several app stores. Though there’s nothing better than seeing how your digital product finally goes live and starts getting its first downloads, you may want to hold off releasing your product until you make sure everything is really up to par. Below are some easy steps you may want to take before you venture to publish your mobile app.

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The first thing you should zero in on is optimizing your product for app store searches (unless you haven’t done it yet). You definitely want to make sure your new application appears as high in the rankings as possible. For this, you should include essential keywords in the app title. Also, double-check that your metadata is relevant to your app’s functionality and content. And again, you shouldn’t forget about keyword phrases. This will help your prospective users find your app among the slews of others on the app stores.

Live Testing

Undoubtedly, your development team has already tested your app to make sure it works as intended. Nevertheless, running some additional tests on your fresh app won’t hurt.

First things first, test your product on a real device. Make sure your app can run properly on smartphones with different screen resolutions and operating systems. Test your product for bugs, connectivity, compatibility, memory size, and other parameters which may affect performance and user experience.

Take measures to ensure that all the UI elements are clear, well-placed, and relevant to your app functionality. You would be well-advised to create an account and sign in to your app as a regular user. This will help you look at your app through the eyes of your real-life customers and, possibly, spot some weak points. Should any problems arise, don’t worry. You’ll have time to address them.

Create a Press Release

Your next step is to excite your current and prospective users about your new app, in particular, its functionality, subscription plans, etc. In other words, you should create early buzz around your product before its official launch. No need to dwell on the detailed breakdown of your app features. Be sure to mention the key functionalities and what actually sets your app apart from others of its ilk. Explain how your customers can benefit from using your app, what value it offers. Stay factual and refrain from trite marketing exaggerations when creating your press release.

With a proper press release strategy in mind, you’ll be able to reach the right audience and convince them to try your app. You may want to create a draft that you’re going to submit to your publishers.

Get Social

Once you come up with a great press release for your launching application, you should set your sights on effectively distributing your message through various available channels.

Of course, you’ll want to tap into the power of omnipotent social media. Sharing your app launch press release on Facebook Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms is the wisest of the options. Thus, you’ll reach your target customers and let them know that the new app is up and running. For an extra boost, consider offering bonuses for the first subscribers.

Don’t forget about such a tried-and-tested distribution channel as email. Though it may not be effective for all users, you may successfully reach your beta users and inform them of your app launch. Emailing also can be quite a useful strategy for targeting other people who once joined your mailing list.


Is there any chance of success of your new business venture without investing in advertising? Hard to say for sure, but it’s surely not the case with your app. If you want to build your app awareness and start getting ROI as soon as possible, you won’t be able to do without a proper marketing strategy and paid advertising. Some early advertising definitely won’t hurt. So, consider investing in social media ads, PPC ads through Google, and paid social media marketing services.

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