Strangers’ quick-thinking note helps man save thousands following ‘hit and run’

The driver caused thousands of pounds of damage before fleeing the scene, but their actions were caught by a pair of eyewitnesses who left a note explaining what happened

The driver had left the scene (stock image)

When a driver drove off after hitting a man’s car, some eyewitnesses took the initiative to do the right thing — leave a note.

On Twitter, the man credited their quick response with saving him thousands of pounds, after he shared the note online.

The fuming vehicle owner claimed the Volkswagon Polo car driver left no contact information for him after hitting his car.

In a tweet, the man said: “Dear VW Polo driver who caused £3,000ish damage to my car and drove off, You’re about to get a hell of a shock.”

The note left by the helpful witnesses of the incident read: “Hi, We saw a grey Polo reverse into your back right bumper causing damage.

The witnesses left a note



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“Their number plate is….

“My telephone number is… if you wish to discuss

“P.S. We have a photo of car”.

In a follow-up tweet, the owner added: “Oh, looks more like £5k-£6k damage according to my mechanic neighbour. And could be more. FML.”

The tweet prompted some to share their stories of kindhearted people, while others praised the eyewitnesses efforts to make sure the man wasn’t left out of pocket.

One commented: “What good-hearted people.”

Another said: “The same thing happened when my car was hit, a lady waited by it until I came back (school pick up time) and she gave me the details and number plate.

“The git still tried to deny it but luckily it went my way thanks to the witness.”

A third added: “I left an equivalent note to this on a car about 10-15 years ago. One of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.”

One commented: “I once saw a lorry hit a car in a car park. The guy looked like he’d left a note but I felt a bit sus. When he left, I checked and the piece of paper was blank!! I kindly left my details and the reg number. They rang and thanked me.”

“While I am very sorry for the rubbish day you had, I 100% love that there are people out there who will try to do the right thing, who by writing this note & (by you posting it) will make the next person who has a mishap to think before they drive away,” wrote another.

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