Scots couple decide not to have kids so they can pamper dogs with £20k luxuries

A couple have decided against having children so they can afford to pamper their three pooches.

Claire Kelly Johnston, 35, and Stuart Johnston, 38, have spent £20,000 on their ‘ babies ‘ – Cupcake, three, Teddybear, two, and Popcorn, two – and have said they don’t plan on having any children now they have dogs.

Pomeranians Teddybear and Cupcake and long-haired chihuahua Popcorn are treated to £60 worth of clothes WEEKLY alongside their gourmet diets, with Claire cooking them bacon and sausages at the weekend.

The pups routine consists of being dressed and groomed every morning, before being taken for walks in their prams and returning for a home cooked breakfast.

Claire, a bank manager, and her husband Stuart, a chef, say they no longer feel the need to have children after becoming ‘parents’ to their three adorable pooches.

Claire, from North Lanarkshire, Scotland, said: “We got Cupcake in September 2018 and she’s the biggest diva – I over-mothered her and because she was the first one, she was the most spoilt so now she rules the house.

“They all have so many clothes that I’ve had to give them their own built in wardrobe!

“I buy them new clothes every week because I can’t help myself – I always knew I would get outfits for them but didn’t expect to get them so many.

“Whatever you can get for kids, I try and get it for the dogs.

“Cupcake even has her own little pink toy Audi car and she loves sitting in there.

“If we hadn’t had dogs, we would have definitely had children.

“When I got Cupcake, I felt like that was it; I felt there was something missing and then when I got her, I knew that’s what I wanted.”

Claire said: “Whatever you can get for kids, I try and get it for the dogs”

Claire has over 200 outfits and 1,000 toys for her beloved pets and says they love living a “life of luxury.”

The pair organise their life around their pups and make sure they don’t miss out on holidays and trips out.

Claire added: “I treat my dogs like kids.

“When we go on holiday, we make sure we go on staycations so the dogs can come with us.

“If we’re having a date night, they’ll join us and eat whatever we’re having like steak, chicken, or turkey.

“We recently took them to a cafe and they turned their noses up at the bacon because it wasn’t smoked!

“They like their luxurious lifestyle – they all sleep in our bed and love getting dressed up.

“I have no social life because when I’m not working, I’ll take them to doggy friendly places.

“We have no plans of having kids because I treat my dogs like kids and love being a mum to them.”

Claire has over 200 outfits and 1,000 toys for her beloved pets
Claire has over 200 outfits and 1,000 toys for her beloved pets

Despite receiving a lot of backlash, Claire has no plans to get rid of their wardrobes and insists they love playing dress up.

She added: “When I’m working, I’ll get home from work and put them in clothes straight away – they never go out naked!

“This morning, Cupcake ran into the dressing room and sat waiting for me to get her into her outfit because she loves being dressed up.

“I get most of the clothes from an online boutique and they’re actually ambassadors for them now.

“I get negative comments all the time; people think I shouldn’t dress them up but it’s normal for us and the dogs love it.

“If the dogs are unhappy, I’d never do it but they love it and I get so much enjoyment out of it.

“They get a lot of attention on walks – I have a little bag, pram and buggy for them so we do get strange looks sometimes!”

The fluffy pooches have their own daily routine and are always tended to even when their “parents” are at work.

Claire explained: “We get up in the morning at 7am. They don’t like breakfast during the week but I cook them breakfast at the weekend.

“I clean their face, put their kibble out and I’ll get them dressed.

“I’ll ask them what they want to wear and when we’re not working, we’ll take them to the beach or doggy friendly restaurants and cafes.

“They always sit at the table with us!

“I find it difficult leaving them when I’m working but we have a dog sitter that comes in and walks them throughout the day so they’re never alone for too long.”

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