Raheem Sterling Potential Chelsea Transfer Rumors

Raheem Sterling made his debut in English football during the season of 2012. Throughout his 10-year-career, he played winger and attacking midfielder for Liverpool and Manchester City, for whom he is still playing today. However, recently rumors have begun to spread, that Chelsea is interested in Mister Sterling, who has shown quite a bit of promise on the field. In this article, we are going to take a look at Raheem’s career path and take a look how reliable these rumors of a transfer really are.

Raheem Sterling for Liverpool

Raheem was signed by Liverpool in 2010, at the age of 16. He spent a few years playing for the club’s youth team. It wasn’t until 2012, two years later, that Sterling debut in an actual League match against Wigan Athletic.

That same year Sterling also managed to make his debut on the European football scene. He was chosen as a substitute in a UEFA Europa match. The UEFA series is one of the most prestigious games in the leagues in the football world. Punters are drawn to UEFA matches, as many online betting sites offer new customer betting offers, that make placing wagers on these games a lot more thrilling and easier.

Sterling spent 5 years with Liverpool, ending his stint with the club in 2015, due to a dispute in contract. It was then that Manchester City swept in and took the player under their wings.

Raheem Sterling for Manchester City

Manchester City signed Raheem Sterling in 2015, winning him over with a fantastic offer of £44 million. This isn’t even going into the benefits, which if taken into account would make Mr. Sterling the most expensive English footballer yet.

It was with Manchester City that Raheem’s career truly bloomed. He scored his first goal at the UEFA Champions League during the 2015-16 season, his presence on the field changed the tide for several Manchester City matches, and he was awarded several different honors on quite a few occasions. It seemed that Mr. Sterling’s star was shining.

During this last 2021-22 season, Sterling achieved a personal goal, by scoring his 100th Premier League goal against the Wolves, in a match where the only goal was scored by him. It was this achievement, as well as several other accomplishments that netted him the Player of the Month award for December of 2021.

But that would not be the only achievement that Raheem crossed off this year. His display against Sporting CP also pushed him forward into the rank of Manchester City’s best goalscorers of all time. It seems that Mr. Sterling is quite the rising star in the football world.

Which is why many are surprised to find that Raheem Sterling is interested in a transfer to Chelsea. It seems Manchester City are interested in doing whatever they can to retain their player. Including demanding £60 million for the exchange. Needless to say, it may cost a lot for Chelsea to acquire Mr. Sterling this season.

Rumors of Transfer

Chelsea might just be one of the most hard-working clubs of 2022. This summer they have engaged in several different transfers. As we said, it seems their latest target is Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling. The steep price demanded by Manchester City for the transfer has sparked quite a furious debate. Many are criticizing Man City, believing that such a steep price is overkill for a player close to the end of his contract. Others are claiming that the price is fair. After all, Sterling has proven himself a fantastic player and one of Manchester City’s top goal scorers.

However, Sterling is not the only top goal this summer. Quite a few footballers are being looked at by a lot of prominent English clubs, including Arsenal, Leeds, and others. Among them it seems Raphinha is one of the top choices. And Chelsea has certainly made an attempt to get him on their side. They are currently in steep competition with Spanish club Barcelona to win over Raphinha to their side.

Quite a few other players are also on Chelsea’s priority list. The club has certainly stayed busy, in their quest to garner a number of great players in preparation for the 2022-23 season.


Raheem Sterling is one of Manchester City’s best players right now. Considering the club’s status as the best in the Premier League today, he is in high demand. Chelsea has given it their all to bring Mr. Sterling on their side. However, Manchester City is not looking forward to giving him up that easily. Certainly, it will be a difficult task to get the club to surrender one of their top goal scorers of all time.

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