Prison officer at Scots jail caught smuggling in Chinese takeaways for gangsters

A female prison officer at crisis-hit prison Addiewell was caught smuggling in Chinese takeaways for gangster inmates.

The woman was reported by whistleblowers at the West Lothian jail after it was noticed she was passing “luxury” food items to cons including cakes and sweets.

It’s understood Sodexo – which manages the prison – has launched an investigation into the claims.

Chinese takeaways have been smuggled in

We revealed this month how fed-up workers have complained the prison is being run by “organised crime gangs” and is out of control.

Further revelations came after we reported how a cocky convict secretly filmed himself kissing a female prison officer for bragging rights with other cons.

The video shows Addiewell prisoner Kevin Hogg in a passionate clinch with warder Rachel Wilson after she enters his cell.

Insiders said it’s just one incident which shows how unruly the privately run institution has become.

Whistleblowers say the prison is running out of control due to severe staff shortages, inexperienced staff, poor training and corruption.

A source said: “Addiewell has a whistleblower service that’s meant to make it easy for underhand stuff to be investigated.

“One officer made a complaint after noticing a colleague bringing in luxury stuff like cakes and sweets and she made a particular note of a Chinese takeaway that was being passed to a con.

“The word was that the officer named in the complaint never returned to work the following week .”

Another source said: “She’s not been seen back at the prison and she’s just one of several who have been caught bringing in contraband lately.

“It’s been said there’s at least five staff under investigation for bringing in contraband but the whistleblower service is not fit for purpose and things are being swept under the carpet so the SPS don’t find out.

“Also, some people have been outed as ‘grasses’ which is dangerous for individuals.

“It’s all about profit and letting the prisoners do what they like for a quiet life. It’s the prison every convict wants to be sent to because it’s more like a hotel than a jail.”

Last week, politicians demanded the Scottish Government launch an investigation into the allegations and should consider bringing it back under “public control”.

But our sources said: “Since the Record did the story there’s been an attempt to restore some kind of order but it’s feeble.

“The SPS and the Scottish Government need to get this place under control as a matter of urgency before an officer or a prisoner is killed.”

A spokesperson at HMP Addiewell said: “We can’t comment on specific security matters or individuals, but we can confirm that all appropriate action has been taken.”

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