Paedo snared after sex education class taught young girl she had been abused

A child sex offender has been found guilty after a sex education lesson taught his nine-year-old victim that she had been abused.

The young girl had previously told police, as well as her mum, that Paul Gandy from Lancashire had made her touch an ‘object’.

However, it was not until after a lesson in school months on from the incident she ‘figured out’ the now 59-year-old was sexually abusing her, reports Lancs Live.

The brave child’s allegation, made in summer 2019, also encouraged another one of Paul Gandy’s victims to come forward – after being abused decades before.

Giving evidence, the woman said her life had been ‘ruined’ following the incident that occurred when she was three or four years old.

On Monday October 18, Gandy – of Rydal Road, Haslingden – was found guilty of indecent assault, causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, and sexual assault of a child under 13.

Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, told Bolton Court Court the defendant had gone to the bedside of the nine-year-old girl.

The first time he entered the room, he kissed her cheek and forehead, and stroked her hair.

The second time he also unclasped the fingers on her hand.

The third time, he ‘caused her to perform a sexual act upon him’, Mr Bassano told jurors.

In a police interview, the girl said that she eventually stopped letting Gandy move her hand.

“He eventually let go and he gave in and left me alone,” the girl said.

After the nine-year-old realised what had happened she went home and wrote it down in her diary.

She handed the page over to a detective in a second police interview – and a copy of it was shown to jurors.

The girl was also given a picture of a gingerbread man for her to show the detective which area of the man’s body she had touched.

Mr Bassano told the court that the second victim – who is now in her 30s – was driven to an address and made to perform a sexual act when she was three or four years old.

He told jurors that there was a ‘a lot of missing detail’ in her account – including how long the incident went on for and what Gandy was wearing.

But Mr Bassano said ‘that lack of detail is entirely understandable’.

He said the assault, and her running to the bathroom afterwards, was ‘something she never forgot’.

In her police interview, the woman said: “I think he thinks he’s got away with it”.

“He actually ruined my life,” she said.

“It’s had a massive impact on my life. I’ve not had a normal childhood. I’ve always had that at the back of my head and I will always have,” the court heard.

“I’ve not had the life I should have had. I was a child. I shouldn’t have gone through that,” she said.

The court heard that she had told her friend about what happened when she was around eight years old, that she told her mother and brother when she was a teenager, and a counsellor at work when she was in her late 20s.

The defence questioned why she hadn’t told the police sooner – but she said that she has only become strong enough now – after finding out that Gandy had abused another girl.

“That was my worst nightmare,” she said.

Gandy remains in custody and will be sentenced on Friday November 26, at Bolton Crown Court.

His Honour Judge Tom Gilbart thanked jurors for their public service.

“This case has not been an easy case for you to listen to,” he said.

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