NHS worker ‘lucky to be alive’ after crushing her jaw falling 13ft from bridge

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Deméi Tito, 27, was walking to a friend’s house when she decided to sit on a bridge to enjoy the view over the River Brent but she plunged 13ft after tumbling off

Deméi Tito crushed her jaw and smashed her teeth when she fell head first from a bridge onto concrete

An NHS worker is “lucky to be alive” after plunging 13ft from a bridge and crushing her jaw and teeth.

Deméi Tito, 27, was walking to a friend’s house when she decided to sit on a bridge to enjoy the view over the River Brent in Ealing, West London.

A few minutes later when she went to get up she pushed her hand on a bush mistaking it for part of the bridge.

She fell 13ft from Hanwell Bridge onto a path below, landing on her face.

When she woke up she was covered in blood and was found by a friend who came looking for her when they didn’t meet as planned.

Deméi was rushed to hospital and underwent an emergency jaw operation.

Deméi fell from this bridge in West London


N Chadwick/Creative Commons Licence)

She is now recovering at home and faces a long journey to regain her smile with cosmetic work that will cost about £12,000.

Deméi, from west London, said: “I’m lucky to be alive.

“I could have landed on my chin and my neck could have snapped, it may have been a totally different outcome for me and it may be for other people if they’re not careful.

“I don’t think I understood the severity of it at first because it didn’t feel as bad as it was as my pain management was quite well controlled.”

Deméi was heading to her friend’s house on July 24 after watching a rugby match with pals at a bar.

She said she had sat on the bridge before which is why she thinks she decided to swing her legs over this time.

She said her reaction time wasn’t very fast as her weight followed her down.

Deméi doesn’t remember the fall and woke up spitting blood.

During a follow-up appointment, Deméi was told she would need more jaw surgery before having any cosmetic treatments.

Deméi, 27, underwent emergency jaw surgery in hospital but has been told she will need further procedures


Kennedy News and Media)

Deméi also smashed her teeth and her smile could cost up to £12,000 to fix


Kennedy News and Media)

It has been suggested she will need at least two implants, a bridge, braces and caps and fillings to repair her battered smile and could cost £12,000.

Deméi, who’s originally from Auckland, New Zealand, said she feels lucky to have a support group of friends in the UK – one of whom has set a GoFundMe to help with costs.

She added: ”I’m not sure how long it will take for me to get my smile back again, that’s something I will hopefully know in the coming weeks.

“Out in public, it’s a bit embarrassing. I’m happy I can wear a mask when I go out so I don’t have people looking at me in the street.”

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