Love Island stars fear Faye will stray from Teddy as he’s ‘framed’ by postcard

Amber Gill and Georgia Steel shared their insight into Casa Amor drama and their hopes that Faye Winter won’t stray from Teddy Soares. However, after last night’s postcard reveal, it’s looking doubtful…

Love Island’s Amber Gill and Georgia Steel fear for Teddy Soares and Faye Winter’s relationship after he was ‘framed’ as a cheater on a postcard last night.

In the latest episode of the dating reality show, Faye was left fuming when the girls were delivered a card from Casa Amor – showing four out of their six men in clinches or compromising positions with new girls.

What they didn’t know was Teddy, despite snogging Clarisse Juliette in a game, had been remaining loyal to Faye, even sleeping outside in the day beds to avoid temptation.

But with photo evidence suggesting otherwise, Faye is now on a mission to crack on with one of the boys.

Amber and Georgia discussed the latest Love Island gossip with Ranvir Singh



Speaking on Lorraine, the 2019 champion and 2018 star said they ‘loved’ Teddy for staying loyal, but feared the romance had hit rocky waters as a result of the stunt.

“I love Teddy, but I feel like now because the postcard’s come through, Faye is gonna crack on,” Georgia said. “But she’s now thinking, ‘oh my goodness, there was a kiss’ and even if it was in a challenge, she’s really took it to heart.

“I feel like she’s gonna crack on and then Teddy’s gonna stay loyal.”

Are Faye and Teddy heading for splitsville after she believes he ‘cheated’?



“Little does she know he’s been sleeping outside. He hasn’t done anything wrong!” Amber agreed.

Ranvir then asked them about what they thought about Faye’s fears that he was too calm for her, causing Amber to say she was “just panicking” about her romance with him.

The pair’s comments come after fans were left fuming about Love Island ‘misrepresenting’ Teddy to the main villa girls in a bid to stir up trouble.

The game kiss was shared with the main villa leaving Faye fuming



Over the past few days, the boys have been removed from the villa and placed with six new women in Casa Amor in an attempt to make them stray.

While the girls remained in the main house with six new boys, it’s the guys that have been making the most of their time away – with several already cracking on or flirting with the newcomers.

After receiving the postcard, the ladies – specifically Faye and Kaz Kamwi – have vowed to play the field and see if there’s any romance with the newcomers.

Kaz succeeded too, sharing a snog with Irish lad Matthew McNabb by the end of the evening.

Heartbroken after seeing Tyler Cruickshank in bed with Clarisse, Matthew swooped in as a shoulder to cry on, while also making it clear he liked her.

Amber said that Faye was second-guessing herself with Teddy as she feared he was too ‘safe’



But while it may have worked in Kaz’s favour, there are other members of the group blissfully unaware that their partners are straying.

Most prominently is Millie Court, who was loved-up with Liam Reardon before he was whisked away to Casa Amor.

Since being there, he has been torn between her and Lillie Haynes – and on tonight’s episode he gives in to temptation and snogs her.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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