Horse Race Club opens up online betting

The Horse Race Club has found great success in opening up its betting options to include online betting. The move was made as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and it has been successfully in operating since November 2020.

Such is the success of the online betting platform that it has been hinted that such moves could be made permanent to help an industry that has been devastated by the ravages of the pandemic. The measures were introduced after the Horse Race Club management managed to obtain permission from the state government to take its wagering options online.

The moves were introduced by the Horse Race Club chairman to come into force with the start of the racetrack’s regular season last November. Since then the online betting platform has become as successful as many of the operators featured at betting resources like and it is hoped that the changes can be made permanent.

Horse Race Club opens up online betting
Horse Race Club opens up online betting

Why the move online is essential for the racing industry 

For many people, horse racing and betting go hand in hand. It follows from this that the horse racing industry is largely dependent on the revenues from betting for its mere survival. But as the pandemic cut off the revenues from in-person betting, it nearly brought Indian horse racing to its knees.

In fact, horse racing in India was suspended for eight months and work was underway to create betting portals that were easy to use for the residents of Karnataka. Such measures immediately proved successful and it was only a matter of time before the demand was felt elsewhere within the state.

As a result, the full calendar of winter races was able to be run between November and December, and the introduction of online betting went some way to restoring some of the massive losses suffered by the Race Club. This meant that the current race season between May and July has given the area’s racing fans plenty of cause for optimism.

Innovation boosts the heritage of Horse Race Club

The arrival of online betting at Horse Race Club represents one of the more innovative additions at a racecourse that is renowned for its traditions. While horse racing has been in India for well over 200 years, has been part of the story since it first opened its doors way back in 1891.

While the location of the actual racetrack shifted since then, it has remained one of India’s most beloved horse racing institutions. The 2,000 metre race track regularly provides a real test for some of India’s most famous runners, and the final 500 metre straight has produced no shortage of exhilarating photo finishes over the past few decades.

Although the Horse Race Club doesn’t have any of the Classic races like the Indian Derby that is held in Mumbai, it has still managed to cultivate an impressive race calendar that keeps punters entertained between November and February and then May to July each year.

With the arrival of online betting, it’s hoped that Horse Race Club will be able to bring in the revenues that are essential to the racetrack’s survival. While the likes of Delhi and Mumbai are starting to hesitantly reopen as a result of the gradual drop in Covid cases, it could still be some time before things return back to normal across the nation. All of which means that Horse Race Club will continue to rely on digital technologies to ensure that the state’s racing fans can stay fully entertained during these uncertain times.

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