Hairdresser’s predictive text blunder leaves her dad thinking she’s a prostitute

A hairdresser’s predictive text fail led to her dad thinking she’d become a prostitute.

Kirsty McKee tried to ask her mum to get her some “conditioner” as she’d run out and had “clients coming” over, but her phone changed it to “condoms”.

The 34-year-old’s “old-fashioned” dad read the message and was “mortified” having immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion before confronting his wife.

Kirsty, of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, was looking after her two kids at home when she sent the text to her mum Pauline, 56.

She told The Sun: “My dad was in the kitchen where her phone was on charge and he saw the message, he was mortified. He ran through to the front room and threw it at my mum.

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Kirsty said her dad is very “serious” and didn’t see the funny side

“I didn’t realise my mistake, my mum told me.

“Not only did I ask for condoms I mentioned I had clients coming in the morning.”

Dad Ivan, 59, is “quite serious” and was completely taken in by the blunder, Kirsty continued.

Her mum told her that he was “sighing and becoming agitated” but she saw the funny side immediately.

Kirsty McKee's dad was mortified after reading her text blunder
Kirsty’s phone autocorrected “conditioner” to “condoms”

Kirsty’s full message read: “Mum can u bring some condoms in the morning? I’ve run out, and I’ve got clients coming xx”

Pauline responded: “Condoms lol your dad just read this message!!!”

After the embarrassed hairdresser corrected herself, her mum said: “Omg that is so funny your dad thinks you’re an escort xx”.

Kirsty went on to admit it isn’t her first text blunder as she often types very quickly without checking what she’s put – but now she’s learned her lesson.

She said whenever she types “pennies” it “comes up as something rude” and she’s not sure why.

However, her mum did get her the conditioner in the end.

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