XRP it’s leading to the super bull rally!!! for POLONIEX:XRPUSD by harisonhbn9718

I want to show you my 4 targets that I consider for XRP.

1. $10 USD

2. $30 USD

3. $100 USD

4. $300 USD

***And also, I consider the target $200 USD for my reservation like a hide targets for everyone.

So, I thinking that XRP has a big potential and XRP has a lot use of cases for the next financial industry. It’s a big giant sleeping that people don’t consider to hold. Now, I knew the history of XRP where on 2017 became the 2nd best cryptocurrency after of Ethereum . So, Ethereum and XRP was the best cryptocurrencies on 2017. But, now, XRP down to the top #6, but have a lot potential to recover the ranking. But now, I like more XRP as this cryptocurrency could to be more powerful than any cryptocurrency in the top best hot cryptocurrency. I believe that the next financial industry will work for Blockchain technology, and also XRP it’s the protagonist in the economy and financial system. One of my big question it’s about: Could XRP become the surprise that will shock everyone and beat the rest of cryptocurrency? Remember, I look that XRP has a strong fundamental and work for the global payments in the world into the financial monetary system.

I’m bullish in this cryptocurrency with over 10k XRP in hold!!! But I thinking to pass my Cardano to XRP. My reason it’s that XRP it’s undervalued and more cheap in my watchlist of cryptocurrency. If I make it, I can to get like a little more of 29k XRP coins.

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