XRP is one of best alts from our golden list. +250% in month! 🚀 for BINANCE:XRPBTC by Best_Altcoins_Trades

At the beginning we want to congratulate everyone who is playing with our long-term strategy and made with as +250% in XRP in last month! 🚀
We also published the XRP analysis some time ago here – those who benefited from it are surely satisfied now. :)
Many people didn`t believe in XRP but we knew from the beginning that it is just matter of time when XRP will explode.

What we are doing now?

We are still holding our huge package of XRP.

Is it still good time to buy?

We believe that XRP will go higher in long-term. However you must decide by yourself if you believe in XRP or if you prefer to invest money in coin which didn`t made 250% in last month. Diversification is the key to success – our strategy says to keep small % of your money in all altcoins from our golden list. Thanks to this strategy if one or even few altcoins will not grow up as much as we wanted we have still many many good altcoins which make profits. We suggest you to use our long-term strategy and buy all coins from our list but with very small amount for every coin – not big amount in 2-3 coins, because if one of these 3 coins would fail you would fail with 1/3. With our strategy if one coin fail you would fail just in 1/ 40 . After 8 years in cryptocurrency market we know all these things and we are really happy that we can share them on our website and here on this beautiful platform – on tradingview.

Remember it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own!

🚀 This coin is on our golden long-term altcoins list. It may be very good project for long term investment.

❎ No TP for long-term investments. We can`t predict exact altcoins targets in long term, but thanks to our experience and glassnode we are able to predict exact bitcoin targets. Our long-term strategy is just to hold these altcoins until glassnode indicators will say us that we are close to end of bullrun. And then we will sell everything in 15% parts.

✅ Bullrun is easy. Just accumulate coins from our golden list (long) and play with our signals (short). Diversification is the key to success.

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