What can we expect for ALICE in the next few days for BINANCE:ALICEUSDT by variousSnow80630

As I post early this morning a squeeze is coming soon – I would say 80% chances of going up and 20% chances of falling down (In case that BTC fall down in the next few hours) Yesterday, Alice went down as BTC dropped suddenly for a couple of hours and didn’t recovery when the rally started. My thoughts are that all attention was on Etherum, Bitcoin and Dogecoin (Hell of a rally by the way).
My Neighbor Alice started the second land sale on 21 st, July. Price moved up from 4.8 to 12.77 in 4 days. “Everything that goes up must come down” And that exactly happened fron July 25 to 27 with a lower price of 8.60. Wednesday, 28th winners of the lands where determined and rally started already on the charts with a max price of 16.50 … Pretty good! The decline continued until the price reached the support of the 0.382 Fib. at 11.61
At the moment the next big resistance is at 19 but that’s on TA. I think that 17.20 is a good top. Top that we could expect on Monday or Tuesday (On my previous post I wrote 12 to 36 hours).
When price squezze let’s focus our attention when price reach 14.0 – 14.5. On that range we can understand how the markets are moving. My 1st TP is placed on 16.48 (I never use round numbers when I trade) that will take only the 25% of my position but I will be really to close all the position if the bullish movement is weak and see somekind of manipulation. I will be ready to open a short position at 16.62 and expecting a retracement to 14.5 even more, (I did’t draw it on the chart because I’m being optimistic and expecting the prices move up to 17 with confidence) then I can open Long position between 13.8 and 14.2.
Im ready to read your thoughts and ideas, let’s make tradingview intersting again without discussing politics and being disrespectful with others.

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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