WABI/BTC Analyze !!! for BINANCE:WABIBTC by pejman_zwin

Hi, today I want to talk about one of the old Tokens of the market that has been in its five descending waves for a long time. maybe you can think about invest on it. The name of the token is 👉Wabi👈

Wabi Analyze ( WABIBTC) Timeframe 2D

Location🌊: Fortunately, Wabi was able to finish 5 descending waves at 0.00000929BTC, then it started to run on Big falling wedge & Descending Channel + started corrective structure by wave A that it had a Double Three corrective structure ( W-X-Y ).

after wave A, it started to go down to the lower line of our Big falling Wedge, and at the same time, it finished Wave B (Structure of Wave B is ZigZag).

The corrective structure of Wabi is Flat (3-3-5), so we saw five impulsive microwaves (Wave C) that ended on the upper line of our Big falling Wedge.

I was able to find another Small falling wedge inside on Big ones, it can be a key pattern for changing downtrend.

Price was able to break the Small falling wedge and Wabi started the new journey.

I think that Wabi can break Big falling Wedge too(soon) or it will rest on our Big falling wedge.

Resistance zone on Wabi’s way: 0.00001843 BTC until 0.00001752BTC

Support zone on Wabi’s way: 0.00000378 BTC until 0.00000237 BTC

Wabi Analyze ( WABIBTC) Timeframe 4h

Location🌊: as I said, Wabi was able to break a Small falling wedge and I tried to count waves after this happens. please pay attention to my analysis 👇

Wabi is on microwave C of main wave 4.

End of the main wave 4: 0.00000478 BTC0.0000046 BTC + TRZ (Time Reversal Zone), after that Wabi can start the main wave 5 or price can rest at time⏰ between 0.00000518 BTC until 0.0000046 BTC.

My Suggestion: if you want to have Wabi on your Portfolio, you can take it around 0.00000518 BTC until 0.0000046 BTC. // 🎯Target 🎯for end of August == 0.00000518 BTC until 0.0000046 BTC (0.00000478 BTC0.0000046 BTC (more possible))// Highest price of August Will 0.00000584 BTC.

Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position you want to open).

Please follow your strategy, this is just my idea, and I will be glad to see your ideas in this post.

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