VXN – Setting the UP – 24s for CBOE:VXN by HK_L61

We’ve seen Volatility Smoked repeatedly since the 2020 Highs.

One enormous Downtrend to fill the Lower Price Objective at


It has been a long and somewhat winding road on the path, as

we have seen multiple retracements, some quite violent and

unexpected in TIME.

We suspect the same patterns will continue to repeat, although

anticipating a break from the 17 Month Trend, it will not be without

its fits and starts.

There are far too many headwinds to overcome on an Applied

Fundamental Basis.

The ARBs have taken the VX Complex down further and faster ahead

of the FOMC in early November.

The REAL issue as indicated remains – is it Early November or Late


A Santa Rally is baken in according to Buyers, all be forgone,

I see it quite differently, 4/4 is not complete or 3/5 is finishing,

although I lean more to far more prolonged and Complex correction

now, TIME itself will provide the answers.

In Obeying Price, the results are always a success.

There is No real rush for us, rather we prefer to watch those in need

of the Higher Fills grab them, we follow.

Price action is eerily reminiscent of DEC 2019 – Jan/Feb 2020.

Structures are indicating the 10 – 15% correction will occur, perhaps

much more, it will depend on whether or not our Counts are correct.

The rest is up to Price.

We are setting up a Large Structured Positional SELL.

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