VRVP and Fixed range profiles. for FX:GBPUSD by ZenFlo

In this post I wanted to do a breakdown of how to combine two profiles, so we had this big fall away from the VRVP, we had declining sized bars, we had less orders in leymans terms, so we can use a fixed range profile of the fall away to get a better reading of the orders in detail in the fall, remember VRVP gives a big scope , fixed gives a narrow scope , so price entered an area of Low volume which I labelled in the chart.So we now look at the fixed range profile we see the largest bar of the fall, which I have labelled with the green chequered line, so price is miles away from fair value on the VPVR, it naturally wants to return here as shorts close their positions, and buyers find value in the currency, so we wait for the fixed profile to break chequered line and we aim back to the volume build up, and I want you to start calling this ‘fair price’, see how simple and easy that was?
So when price leaves the main VRVP use a fixed range on the down move to find the POC (Point of Control) AKA green chequered line, and aim back to the fair price, this is how you find value when trading!
Now when you see these crazy moves, I want you to break them down in a sensible and logical approach, treat trading like a business! become a master of finding Value!
More to come! ZenFlo

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