VIX – Miss Mess left for Dead / Call Prems are quite Large for TVC:VIX by HK_L61

The VX Complex comes under duress during Wall Streets Summer Fun Run.

Buying is an unprofitable game.

UVXY / VXX / SVXY is an assured loss.

When UVXY was trading over 11, I warned one trader off the Calls prior to

the plunge, suggesting it would trade to 9.09 and likely knife right through it.

Tis the season for the Crims to run the table – even collaring the Markets bleeds

it out.

Buying into Roll from AUG to SEP ( M1 to M2 ) is a loser 86.3% of the time on Any

and ALL Rolls, it’s quite simple. Don’t buy ahead of Settlement on the third Tuesday

@ 4 PM EST of every Month unless the VIX is in an uptrend.

Even then – it’s a lower probability as IF there is Roll Yield the Continuous Contract

will need to close the Gap left below… it is basic VIX 101 Trading.

We can see that the Roll Yield is significant @ 240 Bips you are giving away on the

VIG. Why in the f_ck would you do that?

The sane thing to do is this – Look out the Curve on the Term Structure and begin

buying out the Curve then moving inward as Contango begins to move into far lower


In SUM you are gambling on 13.3% odds in your favor… Unimpressive at best.

It gets worse, the structured POS Products – SVXY UVXY VXX – get train wrecked by

the Contango as 100% of SEP is 96% of the VXX on Wednesday… and it is bled out

to OCT every day at a little less than 4%… with a Gap Below…. which normally fills

this time of year.

Here’s the exclamation point:

Trust VIX Short-Term Futures ETF ( VIXY ) – 13.44 -0.17 / Another total POS ETF where

traders are subjective to Theft.

It IS SOH Time.

Here is VX Term Structure and Curve – you may follow it yourselves @


% Contango:

M1 11.35% – AUG

M2 7.01% – SEP

M3 3.61% – OCT

M4 0.92% – NOV

M5 4.36% – DEC

M6 0.44% – JAN

M7 0.11% – FEB


Wall Street and Money Center Banks know the Equity Rally SLOMO/MOMO and now FOMO

off June 16th Lows is a complete fraud.

We see this in the Curves Optionally for the CBOE Volatility Index ($VIX)

@ 19.53 -0.67 (-3.32%)

Now, pay close attention to what those in know… know.


12/21/2022 VIX Calls – 131 Days to expiration on 2022-12-21

20 @ 7.10

21 @ 6. 40

22 @ 6.00

23 @ 5.50

24 @ 5.10

25 @ 4.70

26 @ 4.35

27 @ 4.00

28 @ 3.80

29 @ 3.50

You are buying a $20 VIX Call for $27.00… if yer dumb enough to do so.

No, you are not, you buy the Micro VIX VXM out the curve spreading your

Risk on TIME. No need to pay a Wall Street Goon huge cheddar for VX

participation, ever. Never, ever do this… cuz UVXY SVXY VXX do.

Let the ETFs bag hold toxic spreads.


This is precisely why these ETFs spend 86% of their lives in a downtrend

reverse split after reverse Split.

Had you bought 1 Share of UVXY Reverse Split adjusted when it began trading…

you would have paid $1,000,000.

It is the same with SOXS SDOW and all the rest of these underperforming and

Very Toxic Inverse ETFs. The Markets can trade sideways for weeks… they will

continue lower due to their Derivative components.

VTS – Brent Osachoff on YouTube has a great deal of educational videos to

bring you up to speed, feel free to ask questions here after you’ve done yourself

the EDU – is vital to your success.

Knowing when to strike and when to do absolutely nothing.

I hate to see people robbed by the House who has it entirely rigged against you.

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