Trading Analysis w/ VisionAlgo #3 – US30 (Daily) for CURRENCYCOM:US30 by TheeGuruTrader

Reasoning: US30 has been in a strong economic bullish uptrend despite the pandemic affecting the United States quite hard. Based on fundamentals and technical analysis for US30, there is a likelihood of US30 becoming bearish and the price begins to drop. However, US30 has held strongly despite how the reality of the economy has been in the country. I’d say I am leaning slightly bullish , but do exercise caution if you’re investing into stocks or anything that has to do with the US economy. For now though, it looks like a strong uptrend, which could change as we’re in uncharted territory when it comes to US30. This is why I’m indicating that emotion may take over in the future, especially if another disastrous event occurs. The market is based not only on technicals and fundamentals; it’s also based on human emotion. US30 represents the current sentiment of the country.

If you want to use Vision to help you with your trading, join the Discord server, and ask for Cash_Money_Ross. I am not sponsored by VisionAlgo either, but I love using their algorithm. It is NOT a definitive way to take signals, but it will help you as a confluence. If you want technical analysis on Gold , US30, BTC , and OMI (Ecomi), and other cryptocurrencies, follow me.

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