Trade Idea 5 Sept 2021 – Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (ZM) for NGM:ZOOM by mustaqim.mazuky

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Basic Rules in Investing

✅Do not invest in things that you do not understand, for a quick PROFITS

✅ Do not invest to make money, invest to increase the value of your Money, this is very Important!

My current performance WTD for Aug 2021 is around 10.63%

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If you have a plan to copy my trades, please stay with me for at least 6 months and the best is up to 1 year in order to get a reasonable return on your investment

✅it is good to copy my open trades if my current position is still negative….and I would like to advise you to avoid from a copy my open trades if the positions are already in profits…

✅You can start with a minimum capital of $500usd, however, the best allocation is $1000usd in order to optimize the return. If you allocate more, then you will get more😀

✅Set your Stop Loss Level at 60% out of your Initial Capital in order to minimize the risk.

Overall My Trading Performance :

✅ Jan – Dec 2019 = 22%

✅ Jan – Dec 2020 = 43%

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✅ $50kusd- $100kusd usd Asset Under Management ( AUM )

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“Past performance does not guarantee future results”

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Cathie Wood picked up some shares of Zoom (ZM) this week after an earnings related meltdown.

For the founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, the $56 million purchase was a no brainer given the importance of Zoom to the future of communication.

“We think there is a transformation taking place in the communication sector. Many people think of Zoom as nothing more than these video sessions. But it’s becoming much more than that. We think it’s going to, with the Zoom phone, take over the PBX system. In other words, it is going to start taking more share of the communications stack in technology. Enterprise communications is a $1.5 trillion opportunity, and we believe that Zoom is on its way to usurping the role of players like Cisco in the years ahead. It’s a very big story. It is not just about video and stay-at-home or even hybrid — it’s much bigger than that,” Wood said on Yahoo Finance Live in an exclusive interview.

That may well be the case — after all Zoom was Yahoo Finance’s Company of the Year in 2020 for a reason. But investors have taken a bit of a pause on the stock as they try to determine what a post-pandemic Zoom looks like financially.

Zoom shares crashed 17% to $289.50 on Aug. 31 after a mixed second quarter and outlook.

The company saw slowing sequential growth rates in customers spending in excess of $100,000 a year with the company (131% in the second quarter versus 160% in the first quarter) and spending with 10 or more employees (36% growth in the second quarter versus 67% growth in the first quarter).

“I think we were talking about most of us are probably socializing in person now, doing fewer things like Zoom Happy Hours, and that’s where we are starting to see some of the challenges,” acknowledged Zoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg on an earnings call with analysts.

The steep sell-off pushed shares of Zoom deeper into the red for the past year, down about 30%, according to Yahoo Finance Plus data. Over that same span, the S&P 500 has tacked on 27%. The Nasdaq Composite has surged 28%.

Wall Street analysts are taking a mostly guarded view on Zoom in the near-term, even though many acknowledge the company will benefit from the long-term shift to hybrid work as Wood suggests.

“Numbers largely affirm market concerns about churn and signs of slowdown in enterprise business too with large deals moving back into a normal cycle,” said Morgan Stanley analyst Meta Marshall in a research note. “More bullish views likely to be reined in for now but remain confident on the long-term platform attractions and growth potential.”

Added Wood, “One of the reasons they got their nose under the tent is because of what happened during the coronavirus. This was the best performing communications tool we had, any of us. And now they are just going to move forward very dramatically, we think, from there.”

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