this is a good 1 day chart old but a goodie tried n true for CRYPTOCAP:BTC by HustleGrindMomentum

quick post but if alt hunting think value think L2 think dex’s racking up fees and any real cross chain esp if a fiat on n off ramp incorporated easy to use deal is king here… what is usable and will continue to grow and be adopted.

small cool off as we get choppy n market decides where r new support and resistance box will be. do we see sustained positive uptrend overall crypto market primed for alt scalping n dip accumulation orrr do we see a huge pump small dip n then the big pump n dump as we consider some new ATH’s. this second narrative seems more likely if we play this out over a longer time span. in the short we know it will be choppy but will the bottom just fall out as we _retail_ falls asleep or do we go up n up then shake out…. whacha all think big funds playn in the waters how will this impact the gen market trend over next week weeks n month or two…. whacha all think????

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some of this below is from last month but still trending and relevant now.

1inch snx uniswap



fantom/ YFI aave mkr aave comp defi in general u cant miss

Voyager vgx

Bch e cash

Thore chain n rune token

Ada occ launch pad n more

Ada n cel link up

Reddit L2 bridge whats the stock token etc etc how does it work how much can u make how does that work


Injective protocol

Security tokens like z cash

Whats this meme stonner cat nft with ashton Kutcher mily who ever n vitalek butarian

Xrp payment network rumors n huge blocks being bought n put in place kinda gotta spend those bag holders profits with all this sec trouble they doing well tho n that dream team legal squad they got is setting new precadents




Lina dmst n other video games is it just hype see enj

Social media platforms like theta brave n aave launching twitter for them what else

Uniswap mentions for v3 like uma compound snx of course n who else again

Cross chain gonna be big like badger n keber or even enjin wallet etc enj mana

Open sea saw huge increase in use n traffic need to sell n build nft’s land whatever

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