SPY: MAKING A PUSH TO $430! for AMEX:SPY by TrendsiTrades

🔸️Ticker Symbol: SPY 🔸️Timeframe: 1 Hour 🔸️4X Bull Pattern 🔸️Investment Stratey: Long

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: The spy is currently in a 4X bull pattern meaning our linear regression indicator is pointing in an upper direction, our money movement indicator on the bottom is shifting higher, we have a green dot representing a key EMA crossover and our middle band on the dashboard representing market momentum has switched over from red to green meaning bullish momentum. I do want to see if the spy can test $430 or close to it by the end of today August 18th and then a continuation next week. Let me know your thoughts.

4X 🟢 Bull Pattern Confirmation Requirements

✅️ Linear Regression Indicator Increasing

✅️ Money Momentum Shifting Higher

✅️ Green Dot: Key EMA Crossover to Upside

✅️ Green Middle Band: Bull Market Momentum

4X 🔴 Bear Pattern Confirmation Requirements

🔻 Linear Regression Indicator Declining

🔻 Money Momentum Shifting Lower

🔻 Red Dot: Key EMA Crossover To Downside

🔻 Red Middle Band: Bear Market Momentum

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