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What Is The Newtons Wave Indicator For TradingView?

My name is Jason and I started trading stocks, shares and crypto just under 2 years ago.

Initially I started trading IBKR , and within the first few months I made $15,000 on MMEX on the OTC markets. I had ridden a parabolic rise, and it fascinated me. What caused these parabolic rises? Could they be predicted? How could I predict them?

After many months of research, I made an incredible discovery.

I discovered that the price pattern of stocks, shares and crypto is only a shadow. A shadow cast by another source.

Let me explain.

Imagine you were walking along the road and you came across a shadow on the ground. By its shape, you could just make out it was the shadow of a tree. What details could you learn about the tree from the shadow?

Well, you might be able to guess the height and width of the tree. But that would be about all.

Now imagine, if you could study the tree that cast the shadow. Imagine all the finer detail you could now see.

You would now be able to see the color and shape of the leaves. You could even count them! You could see its bark. The branches. You could tell the season whether it was summer or winter. You could even tell what species of tree it was.

I discovered that a longitudinal and traverse sinusoidal wave is the true source and substance behind the price pattern shadow. It not only reveals all the mystery that surrounded the price pattern, but it also precedes and dictates price movement. The wave is called ‘Newtons Wave’. The wave itself also has a pattern that replicates its self in numbers divisible by 3. Because of this the sine wave is broken down into peaks, and the entire movement of the wave can be counted, like the seconds, minutes or hours on a clock

Let me illustrate it another way….

Imagine there are 300 clocks in a room. All ticking away, but they had no hands or numbers on the clock face. How would you be able to tell the time on each clock? How could you predict when each clock would chime? It would be a very hard and time consuming process.

Crypto and stock price patterns are like clocks without the hands and numbers on the clock face. That is why, regardless of what indicator you use, it is very hard to plot, plan and predict trend, direction, exit and entry points with any accuracy.

Newtons wave is the clock face with the hands and numbers on it. Because the sine wave is broken down into peaks, the entire movement of the wave can be counted, like the seconds, minutes or hours on a clock. This means the trader can now enter and exit a trade at the exact moment on the price pattern without sustaining heavy losses.

This discovery has revealed that the Elliot Wave principle is incomplete, and inaccurate because it had been based on the price pattern (such as candle sticks) and not the actual source (Newtons Wave). That is one of the reasons why so many traders make consistent or heavy losses, because their research and indicators are based on a shadow!

After making this incredible discovery, I decided put this theory into practice and used ‘Newtons Wave to trade on various crypto coins. Shiba Inu was one of those coins. and made within 8 weeks I made $190,000. Since then I have not looked back, and I now continue to help other traders make money using Newtons Wave.

Not only do I love the science behind chart patterns, I also love trading and that is why I want to share this incredible discovery with the world. That is why I created the ‘Newtons Wave’ indicator to work with Trading View.

You can now make killer trades safely and smartly.

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