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Ripple is trading around the $1.15 area , XRP should have performed better given its development this year. However, The main reason why its doing bad is its prolonged legal battle with the SEC, which caused a lack in media coverage for all his projects development.

The second reason is the continued sale of XRP coins by Jed McCaleb the founded of Ripple and he served as the CTO of the company Ripple until 2013.

In January 2018, it was reported that McCaleb’s Ripple token ownership was worth $20 billion,

Different market movement Scenarios for the next period of time :

Scenario 1 :

Ripple is trading at 1.14326 currently, and the Bears seems to be pushing the price down and it will soon hit the first Support line at 1.09812 where the Bulls will battle with the bears over control in hope if pushing the price back up, and if that to happen then the price most likely will be moving up and headed near the first Resistance line at 1.23804 and with a strong push from the bears it could breakout and keep going up to the 1.37796 level.

Scenario 2 :

If the Bulls make a move and take control over the market then we will see the price move to the resistance level at 1.23804 where the Bulls power will be tested by the Bears and they will try to take control over the market which will lead to the price dropping down back to the support zone between 1.00484 and 0.95820, showing that the Bulls are having a very hard time breaking out and holding the price above the 1.25$.

Technical indicators show :

1) The market is below the 5 10 MA and EMA (indicates short-term Bearish movement) but still above the 20 50 100 200 MA and EMA (indicates a Bullish state in the market for the long-term )

2) The ADX is at 38.79 showing that the market is trending with a positive crossover between DI+ (21.60) and DI- (16.42) ( Bullish sign)

3) The RSI is at 55.84 giving us a buy signal, and it will probably be headed to the overbought zone soon.

Support & Resistance points :

support Resistance

1) 1.09812 1) 1.23804

2) 1.00484 2) 1.28468

3) 0.95820 3) 1.37796

Fundamental point of view :

Since the launch of XRP, Ripple has been an innovative company. The project has always looked for ways to stay ahead of every competition. For example, XRP partnered with MoneyGram allowing MoneyGram to use Ripple’s solution for decision-making.

This year, Ripple has been on several partnerships improving its Asian dominance, especially the Japanese remittance deal. In addition, Ripple plans to add a smart contract feature to XRPL.

Smart contracts are essential for blockchains and their addition to the XRP Ledger is a step in the right direction for the company. The company has also revealed plans to go public after the conclusion of the lawsuit with the SEC. According to Dailycoin.

This is my personal opinion done with technical analysis of the market price and research online from fundamental analysts and news for The Fundamental point of view, not financial advice.

If you have any questions please ask and have a great day !!

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