QTUM Forecast for BINANCEUS:QTUMUSD by Timur_Shugubov

Qtum Forecast
Timur ShugubovSeptember 16, 2021
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Situation on the market

The situation is similar to the events that occurred in 2018 with the emergence of “etherium-killers”. At the moment, a great deal of institutional and casual investors are investing in smart contract blockchains. This, for example, can be observed in the policies of Grayscale which is adding new trusts and in the growth of Solana, Cardano , Avalanche, Fantom and BSC .

One of the important aspects of the competition of Dapp blockchain projects is support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Which, for example, is poorly implemented in Solana. However, the volume of TVL in the contracts, and the advantages and scalability of its blockchain allow to turn a blind eye to this disadvantage.

Most of the projects in this race are overestimated and overheated. A similar race has happened in 2018. Generally, the crypto market does not have too much space for competition. TVL and the general adoption of the Ethereum blockchain with L2 solutions shows the lack of dire need for new pseudo – “killers”. However, the inflation of these blockchain bubbles has just started.

What are the advantages of Qtum and will Qtum participate in this race?

The number of Qtum nodes as of 12.09.21 is 1336. This is one of the most decentralized and one of the biggest blockchains in the crypto market. It was specifically the number of nodes in Dpos EOS and Tron projects that was criticized by the community and the developers of Etherium in 2018.

UTXO. To date, the safest way to avoid double-spending and equivalence errors is the UTXO technology. It was specifically the lack of this feature in Etherium and BSC blockchains that allowed for a lot of hacker breaches in De-Fi protocols. Qtum is the only blockchain that allows for the synchronisation of EVM with a UTXO-based blockchain.

The launch of the ARM based Neutron virtual machine.

Offline staking.

Qtum coin.

The average number of transactions in the Qtum blockchain have increased 2.5 – 3 times since May, 2021.

2. Decentralisation of the Qtum holders. (One of the few top 200 coins that are truly decentralised.)

3. Weak correlation with BTC price since the beginning of this 2021.

4. The responsiveness of the price after major updates.

The Qtum price response during the Qtum FastLane hard fork which lowered the block extraction time from 128 to 32 seconds.

4.1) The beginning of the news boom related to the forthcoming hard fork.

4.2) Market slowdown due to the ban of cryptocurrency and its mining in China.

4.3) The hard fork.

Why will Qtum’s value rapidly increase soon?

The forthcoming updates:

The first halving of Qtum on December 1, 2021. The decrease of the reward per block from 1 to 0.5 Qtum.

2. Full integration of Arm based Neutron virtual machine.

3. The first Hackathons that will reward Dapp and De-Fi developers.(Increase of QRC-20 token numbers)

4. Rewards for liquidity providers on QiSwap. (and increase of TVL as the result)

5. Janus web3 + Ethers.js extensions.

6. Tokenized mining of Filecoin in partnership with 6Block.

7. Zk rollup layer 2. (Appearance of commission free decentralized exchanges)

8. 5m$ in grants for De-Fi developers.

9. Delegation of the addresses of the third-party wallets.


To sum up, the conclusion based on the analysis of the crypto market and Qtum blockchain indicates that the Qtum coin is highly underrated and is one of the best investment opportunities at the moment.

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