Potential 10x opportunity! for BINANCE:PONDUSDT by MikeyFergus


POND is an open protocol that is known for providing high-performance programmable network infrastructure for Web 3.0 and DEFI. The POND coin is mainly used for running validator nodes on the Marlin network via staking, voting, and making over the governance proposals to determine how network resources are granted. Compensation is provided to users from an insurance fund in the case of an SLA breach too.


Since being listed on Binance, as you can see POND had performed extremely well! A nice retest down to identify the Support line, then a massive rally of buyers kicked in. The infamous Elon tweet triggered a bearish trend , likewise with all of the other cryptocurrency markets, all the way down to $0.04. Support then became Resistance, and the new Support level was $0.04.

Buyers then attempted to recover POND only to be hit with Resistance, then back down to Support. Now the market recovery kicks in with Resistance touched again, but a clean daily candle is not above the line, therefore it remains intact. From here, Resistance is attacked MULTIPLE times, making the barrier WEAKER.

Why has it not broken through yet?

– Well, for days the barrier had candles halfway above and halfway below it. Buying power couldn’t quite overwhelm sellers, to trigger a breakout.

– Therefore analysts are hesitant and think that it may be a bad time to buy POND, since it hasn’t broken through yet.

My Entry:

As you can see, I entered in at $0.10. The reason why is largely due to the factor that;

1) The ATH is $0.32, which leaves room for a 3x breakout.

2) The breakout is likely to happen, because Resistance is fragile now.

3) There are dozens of articles projecting POND to reach $1 in 2022.

I post different coins daily, so drop a follow for more!

(TRVL isn’t listed on here yet, but it launched yesterday, I bought in for 80c & it doubled overnight)

… so go buy into it if you like, it’s like a decentralized AirBnb . Will post more info when its listed.

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