Nasdaq100 Simple Chart Analysis for OANDA:NAS100USD by FFCloud

Looking at Nasdaq chart, is still maintaining its support area here & all it takes to move bull might need to wait 23rd Nov. If data is unfavourable, it will retest back support.

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Nov 23rd

Core durable goods, initial jobless claims, new home sales & FOMC meeting minutes.

Nov 24th & 25th Thanksgiving day ( Holiday )

Good morning 1 Malaysian, seem we had a hung parliament on going & i am going into such politic view here cause no one will know what will happen to our KLSE but guidance already given earlier to be conservative on it despite a mini bull run at US side. Let’s the party leadership to decide as i believe everyone already did their best vote out there. All i can say god bless our KLSE .

Let’s focus more on US market cause any big movement from this will impact the entire market out there. The only important event we will have on the coming week will be 23rd FOMC meeting minutes. It might have the projection to start off their 1st cut or continue with raise rates which will determine the next market direction. Base on the latest economic data, inflation had been declining & this will bring positive movement towards tech sector. If we view the index chart, retracement is on going & if this continue to last long with the positive data, I assume Feds result might be a positive ahead than all of us shall have a Christmas Rally to run.

Conclusion, I will still maintain my strategy to be conservative for KLSE till a government form & optimistic that US side will run a mini bull. Let’s see if that will happen. May the bull be with us all.

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