LNK_USDT: Indicating a market lull? for POLONIEX:LINKBULLUSDT by latticephreak

Since this is a long term view, you might expect the lack of volume weighting to be a detriment, but that might depend on how tight you’d like to snug up against higher lows, and still be responsive to lower lows on the way down, an unusual failing that seems quite common.

That part, however, is taken care of with TUT’s performance. It’s not perfect, and it’s not universally applicable to all instruments on TradingView, but it does the job here, and with that second ballistic hit, it also give a recognizable signal pattern as a solid pre-warning of a likely short term down trend and planing off, moving into an accumulation phase, provided cues are there for a winding around resistance before a developing wedge forms a position to watch, for signs from the indicator entry is most likely safest when its conditional relation with the price line presents it as a likely good bet against historical running averages.

It feels like a fresh day using this thing. I like how clean it is, and how it can be configured in a bunch of different ways.

As for LNK_USDT? Here, the cryptocurrency itself is an indicator within an indicator. Viewed as being at a top, it appears to solidify around expressing the rest of the market is entering a mid-term? lull. Interest on this exchange has been high for LNK_USDT, and it has strongly shown itself to be correlated with movements of BTC and ETH, splitting ETH on movements of USDT and BTC pairings.

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