IOTX/ Moon Again? for BINANCE:IOTXUSDT by AmarPearson

Current price action of $IOTX shows that its in a tight range spanning the vert of the 50 to 61% pullback zone from the huge run up it had in early August.

At any point on a pull back, this area is almost always the perfect time to re-enter the market…especially on a bull run.

There have also been multiple coins in the last few days that I have posted that showed similar price action to the last 17 days of $IOTX. Coins such as $FLOW, $FTT, and $VET, which have all recently broken out in the past 3 days after my posts respectively. This is giving me the vibes that sooner or later $IOTX will do the same…hopefully tomorrow.

One thing to keep in mind is that Bitcoin is now at 50-51.5k resistance where there is obviously a volume cliff of sellers waiting. These sell walls could be spoof orders from whales etc. The price action of BTC can affect IOTX, but its obvious to be that IOTX has seemed to take whatever drops pretty good and someone is holding the bottom up.

Regardless, trading is about action and not thinking too much in the moment. Will be laddering orders in here, and expect a high probability of having similar outcomes to the coins mentioned before. Check comments and linked posts for more info on those prev . analyses.

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