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Hello traders .

in this idea I wanna to show you the interesting facts about the ICP chart , and also take look at the ICP/BTC pair .

let’s start with the daily time frame :

in the daily chart you can see price started to accumulation between support and resistance for about 1 month

One of the rules of trading is that when a structure is tested many times, it is more likely to break , as you can see in the chart price already 4 times test the lower support structure and also ; we have one fake out to the upside and if we want to take conclusion, probably was gonna say it’s very likely to break to the down side.

but i want to show you the ICP/BTC pair :

in the ICP/BTC chart you can see , price after the severe down trend , started to accumulation ; maybe you say the overall trend is bearish and also trend is our friend until the end but maybe this is the end for the ICP !!!
but why ??
if we look at the RSI we can clearly see when price goes sideway , RSI goes up , and this means we have divergence between the price and the RSI , which is very good sign for the ICP , and also ICP already is very far from the ATH , if we put all this signs together you can say ; yes maybe the overall trend started to change .

but lets look at the lower time frame for more details :

in the 4H time frame we can found some interesting facts , as you can see price already below the 4H structure ( yellow box ) but if we goes back into the past , we can found some similaritys in the chart , in the 10 days ago price created low and lower low in the price but in the same time in the RSI create high and the higher low , and just after this price started to rise about 60%.
now we can see a same thing as previous one in the chart .

so if price hold above the BLUE BOX and not close daily below it , there is high chance to see rise in the price of ICP .

I hope you enjoyed this analysis.

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