HEPA – a good buy opportunity? for NASDAQ:HEPA by redfoxpack

First of all, I am not an expert when it comes to pharmaceutical companies!

Why did I pick Hepion Pharmaceuticals (@hepionpharma)?

1. From a business perspective, they are healthy (Quick Ration of Assets vs. Liabilities is 9 to 1)

2. They came from a super high share price and are currently on a super low level

3. They are working on a product CRV431 (recently completed Phase 1 of 3) to tackle chronic liver disease and so far the results seem promising: Half a billion people worldwide are at risk unless new therapies are found.

CRV431 is Hepion’s clinical phase, lead oral drug candidate for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and viral hepatitis-induced liver disease. CRV431 meets all of Hepion’s criteria for an effective and unique pleiotropic liver disease drug.

Currently Phase 1 consists of three parts and the collective data from the Parts 1 and 2 demonstrate a favorable pharmacological, pharmacokinetic, and safety profile for CRV431. Part 3 data results are expected and with Phase 2 we might see bigger interest.

Take a look at the chart and the health of the company with future prospective – then shape your own opinion.

– This is no financial advice, so trade with care!-

For transparency reasons: I am invested in $HEPA with 2/10 of my stock account size.

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