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1. Targets of the correction on the chart (turquoise lines). Now the company has lost about 40% of the growth of the expected wave (III). Globally, it can reach the previous high, at least with a target of 64.26. Of course, the price may go much higher than the designated level, but this is a much more long-term view, this topic has many problems.

On the one hand, growth could be driven by the company’s shift towards EV production – a clear trend in the new decade. Indeed, there is this trend or it is imposed on us by big capital, it is better to tell serious economists and experts on conspiracy theories. Another important point for growth is that production is lagging behind sales, but this is decreasing car inventory around the world, which could cause pent-up demand. According to the US Automotive Innovation Alliance, production will decline by 1.27 million vehicles, however: “there are expectations that the semiconductor problem may return to normal in the second quarter, but it may be a longer process.”

For fans of financial indicators like p / e, ebitda, p / s – the company is one of the cheapest on the market, comparing with the same Tesla . But it is at about the level of Volkswagen. ROE = 14.39% – can be considered good. As the GM and green tech business scales, the market may overestimate how much its stock is worth. And now is a good time to try to be one of the first to jump on this train.

There is also a trend for new fuel cells like Hydrogen. General Motors has been working on fuel cells for over 50 years, giving it the foundation and technical know-how to adapt quickly. The company has a range of batteries and is spending more than $ 35 billion on various forms of clean technology through 2025 to build on the results of its research. The company has partnered with Navistar to supply its Hydrotec fuel cell feed cubes for use in commercial trucks. Also partnered with Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies to use its batteries and fuel cells on a new generation of freight locomotives. He is even involved in a demonstration project with the privately held Liebherr Aerospace to study the use of hydrogen to power aircraft. (WORTH SEEING AND Plug Power )

2. Targets of analysts:

9/10/21 Wells Fargo Maintains Overweight 63.0

8/09/21 Jefferies Maintains Hold 53.0

8/ 05 /21 Credit Suisse Maintains Outperform 75.0

7/08/21 Wedbush Initiates Coverage On Outperform 85.0

Institutional investors have been buying securities more actively than selling securities in the last 2 quarters.

Of the largest, it can of course be noted that Berkshire Hathaway Inc reduced its share by 10.4% (total ownership 3.55 billion), Morgan Stanley increased its share by 12.3% (total ownership 779 million), Price T Rowe Associates Inc. MD reduced by 33.8% (total ownership 746 million), UBS Asset Management Americas Inc increased its share by 8.7% (total ownership 348 million)

3. It is also worth noting that the recovery of the automotive business will have a positive impact on companies that are related to plastics and chemicals (TiO2)

P.S. I apologize for the possibly crooked text, I use a translator to have contact with a foreign audience.

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