DOGe is ready to come bolting out of doghouse to $2! for BINANCE:DOGEUSD by JustCharts

Well, if you follow the Shiba Inu story about the puppy competition on the $hitcoins, you must be confused. I am. If you have any insight on this mystery, please let us know. We have the ROBOTRADING team together to discuss what do we do with these two Shiba Inus.

We have DOGe, a joke coin that became a cheap way to get into cryptocurrencies. It’s sitting just over 25 cents. Based on past price movements and everything we know so far, we are expecting DOGe to make to $2 or more by around December 1st 2021 Can we be sure? Absolutely not. This is a shitcoin and despite heavyweight support Bitcoin and Ethereum is where serious long term investor should look for.

The trading team JustCharts speculates the puppy coin championship will be between Two Titans.

On one side, we have the Open Source, we do it for the mission, not the money DOGe. White Shiba Inu, Built based on Bitcoin’s model and never intended o do what it’s doing. But it’s working and being update to be up to Tesla’s, and SpaceX, standards. This White DOGe represents Main Street. Grass root. Good guys.

On the other, we have heavy weight profit-driven mega Black Shiba Inu which is currently making a lot of vague. WOW, spectacular really. It’s one thing surfing these amazing mega whale but when you look down and the black whale right beside you is a mega shark , you think twice about surfing the waters … We are 32.5% the Black SHIB is powered by flames. It might look nasty when this mega whale comes out of the water. I would bet that the Shina Inu imposter is NOT a dog at all! It’s a cross between a dragon and a shark hey? LOL

Wild Times alright… Be careful all you little fishes, the wall street sharks are all over these waters . Find a safe place to HODL your Bitcoin off exchanges. Own your keys, leave the trading to the pros unless you want to feed us. Nobody in our school eats other fishes. We have a strong Fish Charters of Rights in our little pond and we have a queen. LOL

For now, we waiting for triggers to fire to see DOGe bolt out probably first. Pick up a handful of coins here for everyone in the family this xmas and get on board with Elon Musk . Cheap flight 25 cents per ticket.

Then the Black Whale Shark Dragon Dog shows itself, we’ll know what type of dog it is. Right now? NOT SAFE. I would move to DOGe and that’s what everyone on the team has done. We’re planning to “School Fish” the run right behind DOGe and right before the bad, bad Apes of CrookStreet. Bad whales! How did they transform! WE WANT TO KNOW! LOL

Peace Bubbles… JustCharts

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