DENT MASSIVE GAINS AHEAD! (Less clustered chart) for BINANCE:DENTUSDT by RektMyMom

DENT is about to make its final leg up to complete the impulse wave.

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BTC: 0x03794f2ae7a97f2e308cb0d46fde8d1728e4b694 (BEP20)

159F3K5sZYnAQC4qt929jkkXKfSgNmukbq ( BTC )

ETH: 0x03794f2ae7a97f2e308cb0d46fde8d1728e4b694 (BEP20)

0x03794f2ae7a97f2e308cb0d46fde8d1728e4b694 (ERC20)

LTC: 0x03794f2ae7a97f2e308cb0d46fde8d1728e4b694 (BEP20)

LdH9QfYsPYcjm5hAXfDQrS9Pmmr9QHu8Py (LTC)

USDT: 0x03794f2ae7a97f2e308cb0d46fde8d1728e4b694 (BEP20)

0x03794f2ae7a97f2e308cb0d46fde8d1728e4b694 (ERC20)

TH6nuZUjRakTV7bA25Uk8AVZe5pLSSxMix (TRC20)

bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 (BEP2) -> MEMO: 106029441

I honestly appreciate all donations. Im really down bad. My first year and lost 90% of my capital. starting balance was $1000. learnt about leverage a month ago and got greedy with it. was going to use litecoin to make it all back but price didnt meet my entry now im stranded. The learning process has been gruesome but I’ve learnt the hard way. just need to figure out how to tell my mom i lost all her money. Panicking, dont normally do stuff like this but i dont know anyone so i resort to this. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. Worth a shot.😥

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