Crypto – Potential Bull Case for CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL by Symbio_X

Hi, today im showcasing my crypto bull case, altho im fundamentally bearish .
So if you plan to long crypto at these prices i advice to be careful out there.

It seems we could test the parabolic resistance curve once again, but i also see the the possibility that Btc already crashes at 70-75k (see Link to my bearcase below).

Im neither confident in calling a crash or one more leg up at this point, but if we are still bullish im expecting this to play out.

Im personally only long with a small amount, i advice taking out what you invested at some point and let the profits ride because in the end this is a zero sum game.

You dont want to baghold as crypto could never get up here again or atleast for a very long time.

To get a Perspective where we are:

The WHOLE Gold Market is estimated at 11 Trillion USD.

Crypto is already at 2,7 Trillion. Bitcoin alone is 1.25 Trillion.

One wont get rich anyway from Crypto anymore if you buy at these Prices.

The Risk / Reward ratio just isnt good if you long right here.

Yes we COULD go up one more Leg, but its a Gamble.

Its ok to still long here, just take it as it is: a Gamble and make your position size according to this.

Have a nice Day and please leave a like :)

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