Closing my Selling order with Profits #12 Profits row for FX:XAUUSD by goldenBear88

As discussed on my morning’s commentary:My position: As I had needed confirmation, observing Yields chart on firm recovery / I engaged my Selling position throughout yesterday’s session on #1,865.80 configuration, with my Stop-loss priced at #1,872.80 which is just few points above my entry. My Target is #1,840.80 Lower Low upper zone, and if #1,854.80 breaks, I will move my Stop-loss on breakeven on original position (will be decent Profit by then) and add one more Selling position towards #1,840.80. I will risk and keep my position even throughout FOMC minutes and take my chances, as I expect FOMC to skyrocket Yields.”

Even though I mentioned that I might keep the position ahead of FOMC minutes, I decided to close my order (#1,865.80 – #1,855.80) with decent #10 point spread without excessive risks ahead of traditional FOMC Volatility on the aftermath. Regarding May – June fractal , I am on #12 Profits row and #2 Stop-loss hits. Regarding FOMC minutes, I expect Fed to skyrocket Yields which can provide me the decent Selling opportunity early on tomorrow’s E.U. session, as my model requires market closing below #1,866.80 on Gold . Needless to mention, I am Bearish on Gold’s Short and Medium-term, as next Technical stop should be below #1,827.80 Lower Low extension. Congrat’s for Traders who followed my call!

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