Chain Guardians will snatch your chains for KUCOIN:CGGUSDT by CryptoBonanza

NFT game with promising future.
Only 40kk mcap .
Slow and steady ascension.
Yellow line marks the massively bearish weekly candle from 17 – 24 may. Now see the aggressive retracement through it, the rejection from the channel resistance and todays bullish candle when markets didn’t perform well. Really showing signs of strength and might pull of an AXIE move mid-term. NFA DYOR

Brief description taken from cmc: “What Makes Chain Guardians Unique?

Chain Guardians takes regular feedback from the community, focuses on the development of end-game content and improving playability, has multiple game modes such as PVP , PVE and collaborative PVE raids and is focused on proper balancing.

The platform allows users to bring their own NFTs and has a loyalty system. It has in-game testing, balancing and simulations and has been whitelisted via SafeName to prevent bot use and excessive multi-account creation. It keeps the players engaged via various events and competitions.

The platform uses its own Chain Guardian Credits ( CGC ) token and there are two main ways to earn it. One is by staking any NFTs that have been added to the NFT mining game; if a user wins the block reward, they are credited with CGC , which can later be converted into the Chain Guardian Tokens ( CGG ) governance tokens. Another way to earn CGC is by playing the Chain Guardians RPG itself. Users are rewarded with CGC for performing various tasks.

The CGG token also allows users to earn power rewards by providing CGG pairs and staking POWER tokens.

The Chain Guardians game is controlled by the player, and it is a real-time battle-based game. When players are offline, advanced AI-based battles will take place that are governed by a Guardian’s attributes. In the game, players can strategically conquer castles, fortresses and dungeons. The players are also able to ambush enemies, and the game’s main purpose is to loot and eradicate the enemies.”

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