CELO – Insane Day (150% Higher 2 Hours After Our Post) 😲 for BINANCE:CELOUSDT by FX_Professor

This is a day to remember. We have done similar posts going crazy wild (Like last week with AVAX ) but this is quite something.

You may call it luck and yes partially it is luck since a 100 million deal took place out of the blue BUT at the end of the day it’s a success repeated frequently so allow me to brag and analyze it for you:

1.Fundamentals come first

We did research, we compared to competition, we looked at Tokenomics, we looked at the team behind it and THEN we proposed it to you here

I am Greek, and ancient Greek rule is: ‘Do NOT believe in Luck’

2. Chart is Art

We are constantly looking at charts with the methods we use (part of it we share it here, part of it we share with some people working closer to us and part of it we keep for ourselves completely).

The way we work is simple; out of the many charts we try to identify the one that shows more momentum and has higher probability to break out.

3. The future in Crypto

You might as well start forgetting the times when everything rises or massively sinks because Bitcoin went up or down.

You might as well start forgetting the times when every crypto will go up and you just Hodl and research is not needed

You might as well start being more educated now because the cryptos will stay but at the same time they will change. Bitcoin will become less volatile in 6 months to a year and the crypto market will not be so dependent on it.

i will get back to this words in dew time, in the meantime ok Celo, enough for one day


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