#BTCUSDT Quick Hourly update and BSC Token Revealed. for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by Cryptorphic

Welcome to this quick Update, everyone.
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Let’s get to the chart!
BTC tested the lower support trendline.

Highly likely we should bounce from here for the channel to stay intact.

Close below $49,500 means a retest to the $46.4k to $47.8k level.

I know everyone is very bullish right now but only a close above $51.5k triggers a new Bull Rally.

Till then we are still in the danger zone. So trade cautiously.

BSC TOKEN Revealed:-

Also, As promised in my last BTC update, The BSC token that I’ve invested almost 5% of the trading account is Pasta Finance.

Reasons I bought a big bag of Pasta and Accumulating more?

Very Low supply, Good liquidity.

Almost 1800+ Holders

Still under the radar.

All other coins in this range are almost $20+ and this one is trading around $0.3 almost 40x down from its ATH!

So you can calculate the potential.

100x to 150x Potential!

IMHO, We can expect a big pump incoming in the next 48 hours.

The whales have also accumulated this coin for months.

Who knows? It can get listed on exchanges like Gate. io or even Binance in the future. if that happens 200x is nothing.

For example look at CAKE, $.19 to almost $23.60. Almost 230x!

So this is not fantasy, it happened. Even if it ends up with 50x, where’s is the loss in that?

I recommend you to do your own research thoroughly AND THEN DECIDE!

How to buy?

Connect your trust wallet or Metamask wallet to the pancake or Pastaswap decentralized exchange and swap with BNB or BUSD!

My recommendation is to buy when no one is looking at it. You know I don’t generally invest in such projects unless I am sure :)

But DYOR before investing! This is not financial advice. Thank you

What’s your thought on this?

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Thank you


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