$BTC- Update for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by sylviaokorojik16

I have shared this $btc move few weeks back to reaffirmed that the bull runs is far from over. The next market run up is gearing momentum. The whales are still busy accumulating. Think like the whales and you will be fine.
Check my previous weekly and monthly $btc post in the related link below.
What we will be seeing in the coming weeks and month is Alts taking their full position as a result of this huge $btc leap from last night.
Volume checked out fine on the DTF while still low on the weekly but can be remedied before the week ends,
RSI on the daily so bullish (the minor PBs happening now on the LTFs good to balance up the price movements) while that on the weekly is gradually curling up(we have till the end of this week to know)

The Monthly chart was always the expose .It is been right there all along.

Finally, I think that $btc will gradually warms it way up that thick 42k -44k wall Not going to happen (or it would like last night….LOL ! but don’t expect too much) once but it will.

There will be sideways trading and mini corrections from Alts that ran bulls last week to prep them for the bigger high. Watch them closely,some will recover fast,some will take a while. Always consult $btc before jumping on them.

All the charts i have been sharing has my answers if you look closely. All pf those assets are still cheap to buy for swing trade or scalp trade or long term hold. Just buy the Pbs , wait and watch them print money for you…(hahaha!)…

Have to sign out now…eyes a bit weak from lack of sleep…

Go make money !

Do Not Fomo and trade safely y’all!

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