BTC – THANK ME LATER! for INDEX:BTCUSD by Mboersma0324

Hey TradingView, Haven’t published a good one in a minute, mostly just short updates and topics on Twitter! I am trying to grow my Twitter followers I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL to follow me there for the STRAIGHT UP, NO B.S, Analysis.
You deserve it, the TRUTH, the REAL. I “rebranded” my whopping twitter handle with it’s whole 96 followers to “CRYPTO ANALYTICS” (@CryptoAnalytikz) Because I like it better IDK… lol I bet my 95 followers are so confused hahaha…

Anyways, I wanted to stop and say hi to everyone on TradingView! All of you, my “MORE LOYAL” and Greater amount of followers. I appreciate you guys. I just Don’t have the time any more to publish as much as I’d like to.

Hope these markets aren’t killing you guys, and in fact, I hope it’s just the opposite and you guys are KILLING THE MARKETS! Of course you guys are, you follow me lol…

So this is a chart talking about BTC Halvings. They happen approximately every 4 years and they’ve statistically been great opportunities to accumulate more of whatever meme-coin you’re chasing LOL (kidding… kind of)

This BTC analysis can be considered as a market analysis since the crypto market moves in tandem with BTC . Its a self explanatory chart/cheat-sheet. Basically, Every time a halving occurs (next one is March 02, 2024) BTC becomes TWICE AS HARD TO MINE… This makes it Twice as scarce… and things that are hard to get, we VALUE. This is why the value increases always after a halving.

There is a little (UNLIKELY IMO) scenario in there where BTC actually makes a sort of triple top and pumps to 80K real quick but I personally think it’s highly unlikely AS OF NOW! You can probably get away with shorting BTC with 10x right now for some FAT STACKS lol but who knows? I actually might short it because just like you guys, I NEED MONEY lol.

Well I hope you guys like the Cheat-Sheet, It was good publishing one on TradingView, I can’t lie. I’d always prefer it that way, with the included “play” button to evaluate yourself! I hope to get some more of you on my Twitter


*** Also you know IT’S NOT financial advice and always do your own research before investing or trading anything*** WHICH REMINDS ME I FOUND THE BESSSST GEM I put a couple posts about it on my Twitter today (I think)

Hope to see you guys there, Take Care!

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