BTC Mid term 59K ?! for BYBIT:BTCUSD by CptWORLD

Hi Fellow traders!

So, as weve created a clear chart pattern (Finally right ?)

We can start to do some wild guessing on where the price is heading.

To do so we need to look back at what we did and what happened. lets get started!

So, march 2020. we have a bottom at around 3500$. Remember that moment when we first reached 10K again ? yeah ima count that as wave 1.

we have some consolidation period after that ( may till october ( ish ) ) after that we are starting to go up again. which im gonna count as the start of wave 3.

wave 3 ended at rouhly 42K IMO. which means our 5th wave was a extended 5th wave. ( i know, very rare )

so wave 5, ended at roughly 65K , this is where im calling in the top. which means we started a correctiion there.


We took a nice dive down all they way back to 30K, BUT we created a pattern, and patterns have targets. and the target of this one ends at the goldenpocket of our initial moce down. ( 60% of the pivot )

COULD be coincedence.

Or we are just in a wave B from a ABC .

1 0n 1 of the pivot brings us up to 58k ish . but a move down from 53K would bring us to 16k ish as the end of a wave C and ( could again be a coincedence ) is the point of 1 0n 1 from wave A and the 0.786 Fibbonacci retracement.

Or we just go straight up to the moon, who can tell right ? haha.

I did my TA. Take a look, react on it, like it, dont do Shet or do whatever.

have a nice day <3



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