$Btc- Like All Shitty coins for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by Syl-Crypt

Just before last market closing and now, i have been seeing this price P&D going on with btc price movement and this continue to remind me why i choose to keep my portfolio thousand feets away from shitty coins.. btc inclusive. Only that BTC is the necessary evil. That enemy you need to have close and watch its every move because you got a lot other good things going on at stake and wouldn’t want to be taken by surprise…

Okay…let me rant a little .I got in so early on $Matic project that despite btc shenanigans ..that investment remains solid but i can’t say the same for some assets that i got in later.

BTC will always interfere with what happens to your Alt as long market continues to give this undue advantage to cabals..( MicroStrategy just added some ridiculous amount of the shitty coin yesterday by the way) while dragging the whole market with it.

Classic capitalism as greatly postulated by Marxian school of thought creeping in crypto space where the rich keep getting rich off the loss of the already disadvantaged (Please allow me to rant…) And then you wonder again what then is decentralized about this market and again….why won’t government come in.

Anyway…enough with the rant now …LOL!. If they don’t let $btc ascend structurally above that 47-48k resistance, we will likely revisit 36k at this pace so that whales and cabals who missed the early train can get in.

Lesson: Crypto is high risk investment but the biggest risk to it now is Btc , so i would look for budding solid projects. Risk it and go all in. if the team knows what they are doing , i will reap much more than your 65k btc that whatever btc does, bag stays green.

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