BTC dominance for CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D by CFcryptoTA

BTC dominance has confirmed that we are still in the wave 4 corrective waves. So we expect wave C to have 5 sub-waves painting a beautiful zigzag correction. Unfortunately, BTC D is not an asset that can be traded, so movements sometimes are inconsistent. However, I expect this to follow typical market structures as the market are dictated by traders emotions. I expect now a little catch up from the altcoins when dominance will reach 47.5%. After a retracement, we will probably see one last leg up before the altcoin season start. I expect the dominance to reach its final target of around 51-52%. After that is full altcoin Christmas all the way down to 35%, I see a possibility it may even go lower, but we will see when is the time. Anyway…you want to be around when this happens.
Now my advice. I know many of you now are thinking of going ape shit in BTC and leaving your alts position behind. I wouldn’t suggest you that. What I would personally do is to skim down my positions in the arts by small percentages and direct those to BTC to reach a 50% position in BTC . In this way, you will be able to enjoy gains from the BTC rally and not miss any alts taking off, and when BTC dominance breaks down, you will be able to redirect the BTC position in altcoins.
Get ready.

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